There have been some minor retaliatory incidents against Muslims committed by mindless thugs who have know understanding but thats all.

Here are some pics of the SAS assisting Manchester Police officers in their raids of addresses around the town

manchester sas raids 2017.jpg
sas raids in manchester 2017.jpg
The guy in the photo right is definitely SAS, he has a c8 diemaco Rifle & spec comms and that gear is not issued to the police.

UKSF C8 Diemaco

c8 diemaco.jpg

Photo of 2 L119A1s as used by British Special Forces (SAS, SBS or SFSG) soldiers in Iraq. These are configured with 10 inch barrels and fitted with sound suppressors, laser pointer / illuminators, fore grips and Trijicon ACOG scopes topped with mini red dot reflex sights.
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Great info @Cobra

Here is an MI.Net Exclusive

These photos are of an SAS Belgian Malinois, this dog and others like him are being used by the Special Air Service (SAS) in Manchester in support of the Greater Manchester Police Firearms Units whilst raiding suspected Terrorist houses

I am told that this dog and its mates have been used in other theaters and have kills under their collars.

They are used for sniffing out explosives, general search and tracking and apprehending enemy.

I don't know the name of this dog yet but hope to find out soon.

We in Manchester are proud of our Police, the SAS and their dog pals like this one who are helping us rid this city of the scum that perpetrated this terrible crime.

sas belgian malinois dog 001.png
sas belgian malinois dog 002.png
Photos of the bomb parts leaked to the press

manchester bomb 2017 bomb parts.jpg
The guys in grey are the CTFO Counter Terrorism Firearms officers, the guys with Khaki coloured gear are SAS

sas raids manchester.jpg
A mobile phone saved the life of a woman in the Manchester bombing. Lisa Bridgett was struck by a shrapnel bolt as she was using her iPad. The bomb detonated by Salman Adebi killed 22 people and injured many more. The bolt seems to have been diverted by the phone, lost it's velocity, but which severed her index finger, passed through her cheek and lodged in her nose. She also suffered a broken ankle and a "bullet hole" wound in her thigh. We all hope the victims will recover. Lisa it seems will make a full recovery whereas she would have undoutedly been killed.
There is no rythme or reason to the indiscriminate flying of shrapnel! The lady is surely lucky to survive and best wishes to her for her recovery and the future, to be so close to the blast and to make it without more debilitating injury is against the odds.
@ENGINEER I have moved this post to an existing thread about the bombing.

She is a lucky woman to have survived that blast for sure
London attack: Six dead after van rampage and stabbings as three terrorists killed

And yet another terrorist attack in London

  • Six people killed in van and stabbings attack
  • Attack lasted eight minutes
  • Three attackers wearing hoax explosive vests shot dead
  • 'I saw a man with a large blade': witnesses describe attack
  • Londoners offer shelter and rides to help those caught up in attacks
  • Donald Trump tells London 'we are with you' after terror attack
  • Who are the suspects behind the London terrorist attack
  • London terror attacks: everything we know
  • 'They shouted 'this is is for Allah' - How the London terror attack unfolded

Read More

Our condolences to all the families and victims of this attack
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A Cobra meeting will be held in a matter of hours

Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms (COBR, often referred to as COBRA) are the locations for a type of crisis response committee set up to co-ordinate the actions of bodies within the Government of the United Kingdom in response to instances of national or regional crisis, or during events abroad with major implications for the UK. The composition of a COBR meeting depends on the nature of the incident but it is usually chaired by the Prime Minister or another senior minister, with other key ministers as appropriate, and representatives of relevant external organisations such as the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Local Government Association.
More attacks on innocent people? I have said a prayer for those involved. As for the answer, I'm largely at a loss. But mass deportations to Syria would be a good start.

Terrorism and terrorists are a disease that needs to be eradicated from the planet!! :mad: SW
More attacks on innocent people? I have said a prayer for those involved. As for the answer, I'm largely at a loss. But mass deportations to Syria would be a good start.

Terrorism and terrorists are a disease that needs to be eradicated from the planet!! :mad: SW

All true brother
What's everyone's view on this as a deterrent. There are hundreds of thousands of veterans in this grate country of ours. Would any of you put your hand up if the offer was made to give small arms to veterans. This would put a armed response within every city, town, village, event etc. Just putting it out there as to what you guys think.
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The idea is a good one mate but the work, aside from the cost would be huge to achieve this. Also the training to use small arms in civi street would be time consuming and costly.
There is also the problem of security, we don't want firearms being stolen from our veterans and then being turned on us all

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