French participating units...Operation Mousquestaire

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Operation Mousquestaire

French participating units

The Name of Operation Musketeer was in France as ( Mousquestaire ) From July 31th 1956, the counter-attack was viewed by UK and French Military


The operation was led by general Keightley, helped by Vice-Admiral Barjot.
The operation was called "Mousquestaire" and the goal was to land at Alexandria and to take Cairo.

October 29th, The attack began on French paratroops were dropped from Nord-1500 Noratlases over Sinaï. Some F-86Fs of the French Air Force also took part in the operation from Ramat-David and Lod-Tel Aviv AFBs. They especially struck tanks and eighteen Llyouchine-28s on October 30th.

October 31th, 2h 30 AM, The DE Kersaint (D 622), destroyed the DD Ibrahim el Awal off Haïfa.

November 1st, The CC Georges Leygues (C 604) supported Israelian artillery at Rafah. Corsairs took off from the CVL Lafayette in order to try to strike an Egyptian DD ; but without success. A second strike took off from the CVL, and struck Alexandria AFB.

November 3rd, Eighteen aircraft coming from the CVL Lafayette and the CV Arromanches struck Cairo airfield. LV Lancrenon was killed by anti-aircraft guns.

November 5th Additional French (2ème RPC/ 2nd Paratroop Regiment) and British paratroops were dropped over Port-Saïd and Port-Fouad in order to take both towns. British troops seized Gamil - west of Port-Saïd, while French troops seized Port-Fouad and its bridge, which controlled the access of Port-Saïd.

November 6th The next day, first landings from LSDs, LCTs, LSTs and LCMs were carried on. British commandos landed at the east of Port-Saïd and took the town in the afternoon. French marines landed at Port-Fouad. Under the pressure of Americans and Soviets, the ceasefire was ordered on November 7th 1956. French carriers came back to NS Toulon in December. Only the north of the canal was taken by French-British troops.

Britain's committments

Britain has committed itself to participate in the war with the Following number of Navy marine ships, transport, supply, landing, hospital and supporting vessels:

5 Aircraft carriers
4 Cruisers, 1 in Red Sea, Newfoundland
13 Destroyers, 1 in Red Sea
6 Frigates, 2 in Red Sea
5 Subs

Aeronavale units

14F squadron18 F4U-7 CorsairsArromanches
15F squadron18 F4U-7 CorsairsArromanches
23S squadron2 HUP-2s PedroArromanches
9F squadron5 TBM-3WsLafayette
9F squadron5 TBM-3SLafayette
23S squadron2 HUP-2s PedroArromanches

French Navy Commandos

De Montfort Navy Commando Unit
De Penfentenyo Navy Commando Unit
Hubert Navy Commando Unit

French Paras
2ème RPC Regiment Parachute Coloniale
1 èr REP Regiment Legion Etranger Parachutiste
100 Soldiers of Shock Battalion of Legion Etranger Parachutiste Regiment
1 RCP Regiment de Chasseurs Parachutiste
21 RIC Reinforcement Companie

French Navy

France had committed itsself to participate in the war with the following number of marine ships, transport, supply, landing, hospital and supporting vessels:
2 Aircraft carriers
1 Battleship
2 Cruisers
4 Destroyers
8 Frigates
2 Subs

CV Multipurpose Aircraft carrierArromanches R 95ex HM Colossus
CVL Light Aircraft carrier MultipurposeLafayetteR 96ex US Langley
SS Attack SubmarineLa CréoleS 606was attacked by the French A/C during 4 /11 attacks
BB BattleshipJean BartB 61
CC CruiserGeorges LeyguesC 604
DE DestroyersArabeF 717
KabyleF 718
BambaraF 719
SakalaveF 720
TouaregF 721
SoudanaisF 722
BerbèreF 723
MalgacheF 724
SurcoufD 621
KersaintD 622
CassardD 623
Bouvet D 624
Dupetit-ThouarsD 625
VauquelinD 628
FS FIGHTING Ships ( Patrol )Le CorseF 761
Le BrestoisF 762
GazelleF 736
La PérouseF 750
Le BoulonnaisF 763
Le BordelaisF 764
Le NormandF 765
Le PicardF 766
Amiral MouchezF 752
Marcel Le BihanF 753
MSCAcaciaM 638
PivoineM 633
ChrysanthèmeM 672
CyclamenM 674
AcantheM 639
JasminM 663
AjoncM 667
AzaléeM 668
BégoniaM 669
BleuetM 670
Camélia M 671
GlaïeulM 678
LilasM 682
LiseronM 683
MimosaM 687
MuguetM 688
PavotM 693
LSDFoudreA 646
LSTLaitaL 9001
OrneL 9002
RanceL 9004
OdetL 9005
CheliffL 9006
ASGustave ZédéA 641Ship of Admirale Robert Boufre HQ
ABUCriquet A 761
AOTLa Baise A 625
ElornA 620
Lac Tonlé SapA 630
Lac TchadA 631
AKSahelA 638
GibouléeA 741
LiamoneA 760
ATAPachydermeA 718
BélierA 719
Filao Y 638

l'Armee de'l Air

EC 1/33BelfortCyprus
EC 2Mystere IVAAkrotiri, Cyprus (later part of unit based in Israel)
EC 3F-84FAkrotiri, Cyprus (later part of unit based in Israel)
ET 61NoratlasAkrotiri, Cyprus (later part of unit based in Israel)
ET 63NoratlasAkrotiri, Cyprus

Dr. Yahia Al Shaer

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