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Apr 14, 2019
The Grass Matt is by Model - Scene of Czech republic they are also sold under the Mig brand ... they are excellent quality as you can see

3 PST KV tanks and 2 Dragon kits T34/85 and the SU100 Tank Destroyer ... the dragon rubber band Tracks (DS) were a pain in the ass to get them to bend round the sprockets and idlers i had to make small incisions with my scalpel on the inside of the tracks where the track joins were ... you can't see the incisions because they are hidden ... i was gonna dirty up the stencils but i decided to depict them as brand new tanks






Lovely thanks, and even awesome knowing they are 72 scales, working on a 72 scales armor is a daunting task, wee small parts and you made it very nice.
I've never been brave enough to try 1/72 scale. Great work!
the PST tracks are scary ... but they turned out ok with a bit of patience ... i've been building small scale armour kits for 35 years ... some of them are a pleasure to build a good kit to start off with is Revell's 1/72 famo kit it's a gem and my favourite kit to build
a lot of people ask me why i build 1/72 and not 1/35 ... quite simply i struggle to paint kits in larger scale ... when i started of building model kits i had to hand paint them as i couldn't afford a airbrush or air compressor i bought my first airbrush in 1992 and it was the badger 200 cost me £80 or £90 quid and i had to use compressed air cans which were not the best i got my first compressor in 1997 a Revell starter compressor which cost £90 most decent compressors were over £200 i had other overheads saving up for a mortgage and going to the football every week home and away ... the Revell air compressor was far from perfect but was a massive leap on compressed air cans ... i will upload a picture later on of a 1/35 panther i built and painted (by hand ) around 1990 then you will see why i don't do 1/35 ... Dragon's 1/35 Nashorn pushed me over the edge that was the final straw the locating pins were all in the wrong position

The Panther was done in the sort of ambush scheme it was Italieri's Panther A and Dragon's 1/35 T-72a ... i kept those two kits as a reminder never to do 1/35 ever again ... now i have them on photograph i can finally bin them those two kits were hand painted
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