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The Cold Blue - A restoration of film captured at the height of the 8th Airforce's WW2 raids on Germany. The film, taken by director William Wyler (Ben Hur, Best Years of our Lives, Roman Holiday) was taken during "ride alongs" on actual missions. The film was originally used in the documentary "The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress". One of the four cameramen died during filming.

The restoration involved moving the silent 16mm film to 4K Digital, and adding voice-over narration and as much authentic sound as can be recreated. Using a surviving B-17 and up to 17 microphones, the restorers captured the sounds of that mighty plane. Nine B-17 veterans were found to provide voice-over narration (all in their nineties now). Like Peter Jackson's "They Shall Not Grow Old", this film captures a momentous time and the hardships faced by the crews. The 8th Airforce bomber crews suffered over 50,000 casualties, with some 26,000 killed.

Sadly, this was in cinemas for one night only. It will debut on HBO this June 6th.

On a personal note, I recently posted some pictures from the "Wings of Freedom Tour", where the Collings Foundation flies restored WW2 warbirds into local airfields to let folks crawl over them, and if they have lots of extra cash, fly in the planes. The B-17 I photographed was used to capture authentic engine sounds, from all angles, inside and out. As a tragic footnote to The Cold Blue film, one of the 94-year-old narrators died in a P-51 crash a year ago, a flight given to him as present.
^ Just watched Deadwood tonight, too. I think my expectations were too high, or something. It was decent, anyway.
Burn after reading - 2008 (Coen Bros)

It was quite alright. Brad Pitt character had me a few good ones.
Godzilla: King of the Monsters

As a life-long fan of the series, and as I thoroughly indoctrinated my sons into the cult, we were all looking forward to this. The monster action did not disappoint but most of the human story should have been vaporized in Godzilla's atomic blast. Lots of loose threads and some foreshadowing of the next movie in the series - Godzilla vs King Kong.
Aaah... It's so good to be back !! Lonk time, guys, hahaha XD

Last movie I saw at the theater was Avengers : Endgame. Don't have much time to go the movies anymore since our baby is here...

I liked it, it was a nice wrap up ! There were many ideas taken from the comics, but it didn't feel all messed up, they did it in a smart way ! Won't say much as to not to spoil so I'll just give my note : 8/10

Also, started something on Netflix about a couple of lesbo violencello musicians, but saying more would be spoiling. Let's say... the sex orientation has little to do with the plot. Could be the same with a classic heterosexual couple, so don't let that stop you.
I watched MIB International the other day, as dark Phoenix has been getting utter trash reviews. But I have seen a couple of non critic reviews say it's not that bad. Might catch it next week. Although I also want to see Yesterday and Far From Home is out on Monday (which is weird, our movies normally come out on a Thursday).
MIB isn't going to find its self on Best Hemsworth's highlight reel.
That one from a year or so ago, with Natalie Portman and Jennifer Jason Leigh: Annihiliation.

Pretty interesting, but a little weird. JJL sure does remind me a fair bit of her Dad now that she is getting older. I suppose it also is partially because her role had aspects of his most famous TV role.
Spiderman - Far From Home

As expected, utterly silly but still lots of fun. On a personal note, was worth saying for the end credits scene because it randomly has "A Message to You Rudy" by the Specials (Local band to me) playing in the background.

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I haven't watched it since I saw it in the cinema, but I will, it was a pretty good movie.
Saw, Final Countdown again ( watch often), I wish they do a remake of it and put more battle scene. It would be awesome with today generation graphic.
Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

Such a great movie. I forgot the last time I saw a movie that wasn't a pretentious snoozefest on the one hand or some contraption written to appeal to a rural Chinese fourth grader. Dialogue, acting are so entertaining, not a single dull moment. I hope this movie will sweep Oscars to encourage similar productions from the Tinseltown.

I’d like to watch it now. I wasn’t thrilled by the trailer but your critic/review is encouraging me to do so.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That film title screams imitation of the sergio Leone classics ..

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