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Mar 14, 2010
As the title says what would be the last battle in SEA. Take a guess? Hint: It was mostly a Marine battle.m_gun;
To this Marine and most others I know, the battle at Koh Tang Island off the coast of Cambodia by U.S. Marines, Sailors and U.S. Air Force personnel against the Khmer Rouge who had captured the American ship USS Mayaguez on May 12, 1975.
This entire episode is tragic because of the poor intelligence and bad decisions made in Washington by President Ford and because in the confusion of departure under heavy enemy fire, three Marines were left behind. A mistake that wrong as it was, could be rectified by returning in force to their rescue. The three Marines were a gun team and until they ran out of ammo, their fate was still in the hands of President Ford, not the enemy. But President Ford decided that their rescue carried with it too much cost, so these brave Marines were abandoned by their nation and were captured, tortured and eventually murdered by the Khmer Rouge. The burden of guilt and responsibility rests with out political leaders, not the Marine commanders who wanted to return. Casualties were high and the outcome was already predetermined because the ships crew had already been released. All of this could have been avoided if we had only taken more time to ascertain the situation and if only the newly sworn-in President Ford had not been so determined to look Presidential and also so determined to put the Vietnam War behind America, no matter what the cost. All those that fell in battle during this incident have their name on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Semper Fidelis Marines, you will never be forgotten. Fox

You are absolutely correct in your guessing and what you are saying. They (Ford and his advisors) thought it was going to be a cake job. Marines knew better as did the Air Forces Super jolley Greens (CH-53).

I am reading the book on it now and it sounds like it might have been a record for the USAF as they lost 4-6 helicopters downed in one day.

After I finish the book I'll tell some more about the deadly day it happened

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It's never about the equipment or number of ships or aircraft, it's about the people that are lost in battle. The number of helicopters lost during this battle has no relevance in my opinion to the consequences and legacy of these brave men. The decisions made by the White House and the micro-managing of this incident, reflect the same flawed and misguided strategic mistakes that were made for so many years in the Vietnam War. The poor intelligence and bad communication and lack of cooperation between different elements of the military, all of this contributed to the final outcome. None of this distracts from the bravery of the men who were committed to a very dangerous rescue mission and none of the actions by most individuals on the ground and in the air reflect anything but courage under fire. When the battle was over the surviving Khmer Rouge were not even aware for awhile that Americans were still on the island. The first one captured was already wounded and he was executed on the spot and several days later, two more were captured and sent to the mainland where they were imprisoned and then executed also. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what they felt.
For those who still want to glorify war, including those who study war as if it was a game, I say you are out of touch with reality and maybe you need to reconsider your chosen path of study. It's not about dates and places and equipment and faceless names, it's about real people who suffer and die for a each other or for a cause that is bigger then any one man. It's about patriotism and honor and tradition and sacrifice and loyalty to your outfit and the man next to you. Hate the war if you must, not the warrior. Remember the fallen and honor them, respect the living and show reverence when it is due.
Semper Fidelis, Fox
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I am not one of those people you have mentioned as with war.

If you are talking about me I'll not apoligize here. The reason would be because I have been shot at while on the job and have returned fire on several of these mini firefights.

Meanwhile, the Airforce lost alot of men to. Everybody there was not bullet proof and so everybody was fighting for their own lives along with their buddies.

I hope you were not talking to me?

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