Quote/Poem SOG's song for the wakes of men killed or missing...


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Mar 14, 2010
"Hey, Blue"

I had a dog, and his name was Blue
Bet you five dollars,
He's a good dog, too.
Hey, Blue,
Your're good dog, you.

Old Blue runnin' through the yellow corn
Blue come a runnin'
When I blew my horn
Hey, Blue
You're a good dog, you.

Old Blue died, and he died so hard
Shook the ground in my backyard.
Hey, Blue,
You're a good dog you,

Dug his grave silver spade
Lowered him down with a golden chain.
Hey, Blue,
You're a dog, you.

Link by link I lowered the chain,
And with each link, I called his name.
Hey, Blue,
You're a good, you.

NOTE: At this portion they would start off with the names that were killed SOG such as Reno,thorne, McNam too. They would still sing the same song over for eachRecon Team member who were lost in action.sal;sal;

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