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PAF's future fighter/attack inventory - J-10,JF-17,Mirage 2000,F-16 and J-31
J-10 isn't as bad as some of you are thinking,its stronger than an F/A-18 at a much cheaper price tag.
JF-17/FC-01 is as good as F-16 with a price tag of....umm,well,even helicopters are more expensive than them!
Existing F-16s were upgraded with MLU,and newer ones are being procured from Turkey.
Mirage-2000s,like the Indian ones,are for delivery of nuclear warheads.
J-31 is a 5th generation stealth fighter made by Shenyang which,having lost to the Chengdu J-20,is only for export!
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Suppressing the enemy positions with KRL-122 MLRS,and then the Al-Khalid MBTs and Al Zarrar MBTs charging into the battlefield - one of the battle strategies used by Pakistani Army.

ORMARA: Pakistan Navy has fully activated its newly formed 'Task Force-88' (TF-88) for the seaward security of Gwadar port and the protection of connecting channels.TF-88 is equipped with gunboats, frigates, Fast Attack Craft, aircraft, and drones as well as other electronic surveillance means.

A senior official of Pakistan Navy while briefing a group of visiting journalists at Ormara informed them that the Navy has beefed up security at the Gwadar seaport and surrounding areas by instituting a patrolling system in light of increasing commercial and development activities under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC. The surveillance of the coastal belt leading to the Gwadar port is being carried out on a 24-hour basis.

The official affirmed that the security force was fully capable of facing any challenges at the sea front of the country. "Besides providing security to CPEC, the naval force has taken over the security of Basol Dam", the official stated.

In addition to providing these security measures, the Pakistan Navy is also fully involved in the welfare of the areas under its operations. The Model Schools, Industrial home, medical centres and camps are some of the many initiatives being taken by Navy.

The visiting journalists were also taken to the Cadet College in Ormara, which is being constructed on 458.14 acres with an estimated cost of Rs 5 billion. At present, the number of students stands at 223. They hail from all parts of the country, including Azad Kashmir. According to the principal of the cadet college, a 50 percent quota is reserved for students from Baluchistan.

A hospital is also being run by the Navy at Ormara; PNS Darmaan Jah is providing medical facilities not only to residents of Ormara but patients from other adjoining areas are also benefiting to a large extent.



Pakistani armour manufacturer Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) unveiled its latest infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), the Viper, at the IDEAS 2018 international defence exhibition, held in Karachi, Pakistan, between 27-30 November.

The Viper is based on a lengthened chassis derived from the M113 tracked armoured personnel carrier (APC) and has six road wheels on each side compared to the M113's five. Unlike the M113, the IFV is additionally protected by appliqué armour.
SSG soldiers firing SCAR-H and CZ Bren 805. both rifles are undergoing trials for the replacement of Type56 and G3 rifles

Pakistan Navy's Special Service Group (SSGN) soldier at Gawadar Coastline
A JF-17 was downed by Pakistan's own surface-to-air missile system on March 25 in Multan.
LY-80 SAM(export variant of HQ-16) which was acquired recently from China proved to be fatal.
Pilot lost his life.
May his soul rest in peace

Pakistan Army SSG Sniper armed with an Accuracy International AWF ( Arctic Warfare Folding ) .338 Lapua Magnum Sniper Rifle featuring a side-folding polymer stock equipped with Raytheon - AN/PAS-13E Thermal Weapon Sight.

Surplus M109L self propelled howitzers from Italy
Pakistan Army SSG Commandos. Their weapons are as follows :-

L.. M4A1 Carbine with CompM2 also known as the M68/CCO (when used by U.S. forces) with AN/PEQ-15 Illuminator
C. Accuracy International Arctic Warfare with Schmidt Bender PM II Scope
R. Arsenal AR-M1 with GP-25 40mm UBGL
Special Services Wing of Pakistan Air Force operators equipped with FN-F2000 carrying ammo boxes down to the shooting range.
Pakistan Army Aviation Bell helicopter

Infantry during night time exercise with IR beacons.

Counter terrorism specialists of Special Services Group Pakistan- Zarrar ATU Coy.
Special Services Group-Pakistan sniper in over-watch position during winters in Northern Pakistan, 2015 during Operation Zarb-e-Azb

PJ-(Para-Rescuemen) trainees of Special Services Wing-Pakistan Air Force performing Search and Rescue drills.

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