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  1. IgorSPb

    Photos SAS Land Rover Series IIA "Pink Panther" photo

    Hello to all forum participants! I'm building an old model Italeri SAS Land Rover "Pink Panther" 1 / 35th scale . The construction takes a long time, because it is very difficult to find the necessary photos. I ask the forum participants for help in finding photos. If you are interested in the...
  2. Alexander Melville WILSON

    Alexander Melville WILSON

  3. Bombardier

    Military People Great Military People Stories

    Peter de la Billière General Sir Peter Edgar de la Cour de la Billière, KCB, KBE, DSO, MC & Bar (born 29 April 1934) is a former British Army officer who was Director SAS during the Iranian Embassy Siege and Commander-in-Chief of the British forces in the 1990 Gulf War. He is often known by the...
  4. SAS Wreath

    SAS Wreath

  5. SAS Wreath

    SAS Wreath

  6. Dauphin Helicopter

    Dauphin Helicopter

  7. Dauphin Helicopter

    Dauphin Helicopter

  8. Dauphin Helicopter

    Dauphin Helicopter

  9. Pretorian

    Mil News War on Terror & Terror Attack News

    Terror In Nice, France Terrorists have taken the lives of at least 84 people in Nice, France. A lorry ploughs through packed crowds gathered for Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, southern France, killing at least 84 people, in what French President Francois Hollande calls a terrorist...
  10. theguy187

    Photos SAS in Photos & Video

    Hey everyone, just thought id share some pictures. Here are a few pictures of the 1st New Zealand Special Air Service.
  11. AAR Galileo

    Mil News The Anatomy Of A Bullsh*t SAS Sniper Story

    “The shot was one in a million.” That’s a quote from a new “exclusive” from Patrick Williams in the UK’s Daily Star, published Monday with the headline SAS sniper’s ‘one in a million’ shot slays ISIS chief. But it’s only one among many seemingly “one in a million” stories written by Williams...
  12. BravoZulu

    Photos WW2 British & Commonwealth Forces

    A shot-down Hawker Typhoon IB of 245 squadron RAF. The fuselage shows extensive flak damage and some blackening from fire. The aircraft still bears its invasion stripes from the D-Day landings and in the foreground is a 3 and a quarter inch (60 pound) rocket. On 2 August 1943, Hampden torpedo...
  13. "L" Detachment, SAS

    "L" Detachment, SAS

  14. Sergeant Kevin Joseph Pearson Sas

    Sergeant Kevin Joseph Pearson Sas

  15. Charles RILEY

    Charles RILEY

  16. Charles RILEY

    Charles RILEY

  17. Charles RILEY

    Charles RILEY

  18. Royal Irish Rangers Memorial St Annes Cathedral Belfast

    Royal Irish Rangers Memorial St Annes Cathedral Belfast

  19. SAS in the Malayan Emergency

    SAS in the Malayan Emergency

  20. Lewis Collins Bodie

    Lewis Collins Bodie