Yes the Saxon is a good bit of kit especially regarding the crew protection
Marines Ukraine

DSC_9109.jpg DSC_9155.jpg DSC_9171.jpg DSC_91011.jpg
Ahhh! a new guy eh and all the way from the Ukraine. Welcome friend look forward to seeing your pics from the front
Hey @Udovitsky are you a serving member of the Ukrainian military.? Cool pics by the way :cool:
HAd a look at your page, great work thanks for sharing the link
Do you know how many of these boats the Ukrainian navy have?. Great photos :)
Hows the situation with personal equipment and gear for the average/standard infantryman, I know in the beginning of the war soldiers barely even had any bdu's and were fighting in old English/German surplus uniforms. The marines in the previous pics seem to be equipped decently as an actual fighting force.
Hows the situation with personal equipment and gear for the average/standard infantryman,

Now have the full equipment. All OK. Old uniforms NATO we buy for to have extra clothes when we have to wash the uniforms or for work in difficult conditions.
Books about the Ukrainian arms - is it interesting? The series of books, "Weapons of Ukraine." Total of 5 books: "Battle arsenal", "Gloss Steel" (of armor), "Power Shield" (anti-aircraft missile units), "Drones", "The lessons of the war" (war with Russia in the Donbas). Books in Russian. Author of the books are on facebook. I think at it can ask about these books and publications about the English language.

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