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Hi everyone,

I am a formal member of and TheMess (mostly It has been a while but I was pretty happy to recognize a lot of names and read that many are still in contact. I generally talk about nuclear energy, which is my area of expertise, but I am always happy to read about history and politics.
Hello everyone! Non-military, used to be in the academe, lifelong military history enthusiast and model builder, which brought me to the old mpnet and The mess. Went by the same handle but just lurked for the most part with the occasional post, usually on the military modelling thread or to comment on some of the historical photos. Nice to see some familiar names!
Welcome to all the newbies!

Just a quick question, has anyone seen Tercio from the old site? Arty guy (yes both meanings!) would be great to get his take on arty in Ukraine.
Hi all from Turkey.

l was an ex Mp.Net and Mess member but couldnt remember my old nick.

My nick was taken from ATAK AKA T-129 attack chopper and my hometown Aydın city plate number 09 .lm

l was combat engineer sergant in the army.

Be safe be strong.

Peace for all.
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