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I went by 'Itsnodawayitustabe' but i changed my name because it was too long to fit according to the sign up page. I'm into cars, guns, cats and old school anime. I plan on migrating over some of my old threads over here.
Great to see you have made the switch @BladeRunner87 , we have been made very welcome here at (Y)
Hello all! I'm yet another refuge, as well as a former Engineer officer and Desert Storm veteran. I went by the same name in both of those places, as well as over at The Mess. It's good to see so many familiar names over here.
You TAARB guys can use this thread for anything you like not just intros. It is your thread after all Mil-smile01
Chef in a Hotel that uses centralised menus ...which we have no say .

Vinyl collector ..Film buff , Whisky collector buy when i can lol . Used to make model planes when i was younger , Still have 3 unmade 2 lancs and a tomcat

Haven't watched tv for a number of years ..
Glad you made the switch old mate and that you are bringing your bags from AAR with you (Y)
Hello folks, refugee 2x over, first at the MP. net and the latest is the AAR. Have no military experience, only a military enthusiast. I realized I cannot stay away to long from not checking in, for I missed the pictures of Berkut, Colin, Sir Bd Popeye, news reports from RTOMedic and other posters from the old site. Overall I missed everybody.
You may have seen a post here on this thread recently requesting donations to some kind of 'Martyrs Charity' I have treated the post and the poster as spam and deleted them both.
Hey @C.Puffs are you a former member of the After Action Review ? :)

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