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Yay, 2Sheds!

What are you all talking about with the spare time? I'm still working (essential, don't ask me why, at a hospital) so I still have to get up at Zero Dark Thirty... Luckily, the shift is over by 13:30.....
Ha! Well, in theory, I'm working as well. I work for Motorola these days - the land mobile radio/public safety side, not the cellphone side - and while they've put the kybosh on non-essential travel, I'm lucky enough to still be fully employed. I do a lot of remote connection to radio systems for maintenance/upgrade work, but it's more or less on my schedule. So when Mrs. _Jackson says that we need to refinish the top of the refrigerator, I have to say "yes dear" and hop to it. It's sucks that you're up so early- but yeah at least you're out early as well.
Yep! I get home by 2 PM, eat a quick lunch, and get the doggy out for a hike or walk about four days out of five! Took me a long time to get used to going to bed early though. 9 PM used to be when I got serious about studying or whatever... Now, 9 PM and I'm thinking of a hitting the hay!

Lots of things are closed, but the grocery stores and liquor stores and convenience stores are all still open! ;-)
Anybody see linedoggie or GB-FXST? from the old days?

As for GB, while he was always respectful to me and generally reasonable as a character, he sometimes was a bit of a naughty bugger in debates. He’s more than welcome to join us anyhow if anyone is still in touch with him.
@Jake84 Yeah, LD is on FB for sure, not so sure why he distances himself from the forum.
Btw nice Avatar, just done watching the season 5 last episode yesterday, man Lalo character is scary.
Hi all!
So this is where everyone is.
Former member of both mpnet and themess. (Elliott70)
I’m an Aussie living in the north west of WA and working in the mining industry.
Thanks for letting me in. (actually, the lock was broken...)

Oh wow, I knew this board 'smelled' right as soon as I found it. Used to frequent a great deal years back but the replacement; 'themess' seemed real quiet for a long time and I drifted away into internet deep space. How nice to see some old members still about, @digrar in particular is a very noticeable 'remnant'! No offence intended lol.
Welcome @t13

This site is a bit of a combination of either mpnet and TheMess, the later closed shop about four years after it was started and was the offspring of the defunct mpnet.

@Bombardier has been running this distinct forum since 2002, any more question about the place is the bloke to ask to.

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