Photos Remembering The Battle Of Jutland

Nice topic for the predreadnought - and WW1 naval- fan that I am!

though they were kept back by Jelico for the most part which can be considered a significant tactical mistake.

I have to respectfully disagree, for two reasons :
Hoch See Flotte during the phase known as "t
- The QEs were deployed from Cromarty with Beatty's battlecruisers, to muscle them up some. It's very likely their presence saved Beatty's ships from more losses. The fact they were too far at the start of the engagement owed to the some misleading signals from the flagship (Beatty's signal officer comited suicide over the controversy after the war, which, IMO, settles the matter), bt when they arrived, they reversed the course of the battle and shetered Beatty from the wrath of the lead dreadnoughts of the Hoch See Flotte during the phase known as "the race to the North".

- Jellicoe had only partial information about the German position when he had to make the decision to deploy the Grand Fleet in line of battle from its current box formation. He basically had 2 options : deploy on the port side column, closer to the gErmans but running the risk of seeing his T crossed by the HSF. Or deploy safely on the starboard side column, farther from the GErmans, but safe from being T-crossed. He chose the latter, which left the 5th Battle Squadron - the QEs - no option but to turn to port and fall in line behind the other dreadnoughts, a phase during which a lucky shot disabled Warspite's rudder

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