Type 055 destroyer Dailan (105)

Yuan Class submarines loading cruise missiles, March 2022

The second Type 075 LHD Guangxi, which was commissioned in December last year, out and about 22nd April 2022.
Type 002 Shandong (CV-17) getting it's flight deck resurfaced during scheduled maintenance


Type 901 Fuyu class fast combat support ship resupplying a Type 055 destroyer
Three Type 055 destroyers (NATO Renhai-class cruiser) Lhasa (DDG-102), Anshan (DDG-103) and Wuxi (DDG-104) out together in the Yellow Sea for a multi day exercise. April 2022
South Sea Fleet units at Sanya, Hainan: Type 054A frigate Sanya (574) (foreground), Type 052D destroyer Yinchuan (175) (background, right) and Type 055 guided-missile destroyer (background, left).

Type 052D destroyer, left, and Type 054A frigate Yueyang (575) right, nesting up in harbour with Type 903A replenishment ship Luomahu (907)
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Chengdu J-10s beloning go a PLAAF aeorbatics group conducting an aerial stunt.

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View attachment 113500 Chengdu J-20 "Mighty Dragon" 5th Generation Stealth Fighter of PLAAF.

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PLA Ground Troops during training.

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Chengdu J-16s of PLAAF.Note the KG-600 ECM/Targeting Pods under the birds.

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A PLAN soldier with a QBZ-45 bullpup rifle - their standard rifle.

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MBT-3000/VT-4A of PLAN Ground Force.One of the best mordern tanks in the world.

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PLAAF Harbin Z-10 Attack Helicopters and PLAN Ground Force's IFVs during a battlefield supression training.

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PLAN Frigate firing its main gun.

Some reports state that the MBT-3000/VT-4A was primarily an export model. I guess this is not true?

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