1. CemalPasha

    Politics China/Taiwan Crisis

    #LAST MINUTE ? Taiwan Ministry of Defense reported that 9 Chinese Air Force aircraft entered their airspace.
  2. ao_sepia

    Politics Will Joshua Wong win Hong kong goverment and China

    last time,he went to Taiwan,and invite Taiwanese flight Hong Kong goverment and China!
  3. Pre ww2 images

    Pre ww2 images

    Japanese troops murder Chinese people
  4. Pre ww2 images

    Pre ww2 images

    Japanese troops occupy more of China
  5. Pre ww2 images

    Pre ww2 images

    Japanese troops in China
  6. German marines in China during the Boxer Rebellion (July, 1900)

    German marines in China during the Boxer Rebellion (July, 1900)

  7. AAR Galileo

    Hybrid War Meeting between USA, Russia, China and France about cyberwar

    Currently there is a "secret" meeting held near Paris this week between the USA, Russia, China and France about the cyber-war. The objectives is to prevent an escalation in case of cyber-attack from one country onto the vital interest (e.g. nuclear deterrent infrastructure, ......) to an another...
  8. AAR Galileo

    Photos The Chinese military museum (air) in Bejing

    Some nice photos of the museum
  9. AAR Galileo

    GMW Airforce : Eastern Order of Battle : Soviet/Russia, China, Asia, ...

    Eastern Order of Battle is a web site that contains data on eastern flying technique user military air forces. Since those information were confidential earlier a lot of false data is present in different sources. The purpose of this site is to clarify these details.
  10. BravoZulu

    Mil News China Military news

    All People's Republic of China (PRC) military news and discussion
  11. hothong

    Video Military Weapons .z10 Most Powerful Helicopter China.

    Vũ khí quân sự.Z10 trực thăng mạnh mẽ nhất Trung Quốc. (Military weapons.Z10 helicopter most powerful in China)
  12. 181470-1


  13. 181470


  14. 181469


  15. 181468


  16. 181206


  17. Shenyang J-15 "Flying Shark" Taking-Off.

    Shenyang J-15 "Flying Shark" Taking-Off.

    A Shenyang J-15 "Flying Shark" of PLANAF taking off from the aircraft carrier Liaoning. © If you have any more information about this image to share,then please put it in the comments! Kira.
  18. ~Phoenix~

    Photos People's Republic of China (PLA)

    All discussions,news,images and videos related to Chinese military. Formation of 4 Harbin Z-9s ( Chinese copy of Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin ) of PLAAF. I don't know why,but I'm in love with this picture..Maybe because of the background and atmosphere? Liaoning,PLAN's sole Aircraft...
  19. J-10B


    Chinese battleplane
  20. Chinese Type 63 Light Tank

    Chinese Type 63 Light Tank

    The Chinese Army Type 63 is a light amphibious tank design based on Soviet origin.