Photos From Korea to the Falkland Islands - colourised images of conflicts after World War II.

Squared away for Her Majesty, 1961
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This was captioned "HMS Ark Royal 1971" I've never seen this type aircraft before.
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This is an Fairey Gannet. In service with the RN, RAN, West Germany and some by Indonesia. Mainly used as an ASW platform but this image is of the AEW.3 airborne early warning variant.

This is the ASW variant:
This was captioned "HMS Ark Royal 1971" I've never seen this type aircraft before.
This particular plane XL472 was found in a field in Lincolnshire in 2004 in quite a sad state:
Wounded Indonesian is bandaged by the advancing Dutch patrol in Warugunung, Surabaya, East Java, April 1946.


Photographed by Hugo Wilmar.
Image source: Negatives Marine Brigade, NIMH.

The Phantom FG.1 XV588 about to be catapulted from the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal in March 1972. The Ark Royal was the only British aircraft carrier modified to be able to operate with the Phantom. Due to the length of the catapult, the FG.1 had an extendable nose gear to increase the angle of incidence and to be able to reach lift speed

U.S. Marines were killed on a hilltop six miles south of Khe Sanh near the Laotian border, a member of a recovery party plants an American flag that covered the body of one of the dead, June 19, 1968. The Marine casualties were part of Task Force Hotel, which had been assigned to counter North Vietnamese incursions across the border. But the unit encountered withering fire as soon as it landed on the bomb-scarred hilltop, suffering numerous fatalities in the first hour of fighting.

A Douglas A-1 Skyraider fully loaded and ready to attack in the Vietnam theater of operations, this warrior had an important participation in this conflict and the one in the photo is seen armed with 2 CBU cluster bombs and 6 MK-82 bombs 227 Kg plus external fuel tank
oldiers with the US 19th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division in a dug-in position on a hill during the Korean War - early 1951.
Note the captured PPS-43 SMGs


LIFE Magazine Archives - Photographer - Michael Rougier
Colourised by Doug
U.S. Army gunner (crouching foreground), fires an M20 75mm recoilless rifle. They are fighting near Oetlook-tong, Korea, in support of infantry units directly across the valley. June 9, 1951.


By the end of June the battle lines near the 38th parallel would change little in the remaining 2 years of the Korean War.
Colorized by Doug
U.S. marines take protection behind a stone wall on the Korean front near the Choyang River in North Korea in June of 1951.


(Color by Jecinci)

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