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Jan 21, 2002
Analysts fear the situation is a tinderbox that could be set off by a small spark.

What do you thnk?

Watch video from CNN
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IMHO, The US is the hand waving in front of Nork, saying "Watch me now, watch me...I'm gunna smack you"
While China reaches around and smacks Nork over the head and convincingly rings their bell for them........at least that is what I hope for. I think any other solution will see these unhinged Nork idiots letting their birds fly and damn the MAD response.mil-smile03
I don't think China wants to lose their strong markets in Japan & S Korea which mean a lot more to their economy than anything Krazy Kim has to offer. I think they will explain the matter to him in terms to which he can relate.

He might even have an "unexpected heart attack". That's the win/win/win scenario the way I see it.

Otherwise, there may be artillery rounds impacting in Seoul followed by Pyongyang being a target holder at the missile range.

May God grant there be no war. SW
I agree China will not tolerate Kim Jong Fecktard upsetting the balance of their relationships with the likes of S Korea, Japan, USA and many other NATO countries.
Notice the Belgian flag in my avatar? That's where I am! Flew over Dublin & London early this morning on the way to Brussel. Off to the Ardennes tomorrow for as many museums as we can cramb into the schedule! Then beer & the militaria expo Sunday!

Oops!!! Better stay on topic! :oops: Considering Krazy Kim, his military leadership is little better than him & they're completely plugged into his special brand of lunacy. I'm sure you've all seen the pic of N Korean generals with medals on their coat sleeves and trouser legs! Serious housecleaning in the general staff is in order there, too! SW

Left my camera in the car when we hit the shopping district. Saw some real cuties! Which always happens when you don't have a camera! Pics tomorrow.

Back on topic now... That has to be multiple awards for the same act! In this case, it's meritorious butt kissing with palm leaves, swords & diamonds!

I've been reading up on N Korea... it's an amazement how the people have been conditioned to believe Krazy Kim. Well, maybe they don't... Might be a case of you better be darn supportive if you want to eat!

Oh, and a pic from downtown Ypres! :D ( Couldn't help my self!) SW

2ndDayYpres 003 (277x630).jpg
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Kim Jong-Un is an idiot and all mouth. Nobody wants a war but I doubt we will anyway. He rules his people with violence and intimidation and will not be a loss to humanity. Kill the ****
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There may be a little hope. I see China has said they will not defend N Korea if they attack America first. Hopefully, this will make Krazy Kim pause for thought.

I still think a successful solution to this problem involves him being dead.
The best one can hope in this situation would be the fall of the North Korean regime, starting with the chubby moron.

Back when this thread was started here, we had similar topics about the threat of a war in the Korean Peninsula on TheMess, the consensus was that it wouldn’t benefits anyone and probably not China.

I was slightly amused though by some chicken hawks claiming that as soon as the first US army soldier would set foot on the North Korean soil, every of them would surrender their weapons and things would go smoothly and Uncle Sam be welcomed as liberators.

NK army isn’t the fourth more powerful army in the world by any standard as some once claimed of Iraq and Saddam, but to expect to just land there and win, like really win?

Probably not.

One can only hope about the fall of this POS regime and its leader.
SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea launched a ballistic missile toward its eastern waters on Wednesday, South Korean and Japanese officials said, days after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un vowed to speed up the development of his nuclear weapons “at the fastest possible pace” and threatened to use them against rivals.

just what we need now

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