Ukrainian Army
A member of security forces loyal to Yemen's Huthi rebels mans a turret in a technical vehicle (pickup truck with a mounted turret) while on guard near a bonfire incinerating seized narcotic substances, in the Huthi-held capital on 26 June 2021
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Unit of Ethiopian army on 7 March 2021 [Minasse Wondimu Hailu/Anadolu Agency]
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Type-54(?) on Type-85

Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) soldiers train with a DShK 1938, a Soviet heavy machine gun.
Amanuel Sileshi, AFP
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The first 2 pictures are Norinco W85 12.7mm x 108mm heavy MG, the APC is fitted with the QJC-88, basically the same but vehicle mounted. The bottom one is a Type-77 🙂

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