Photos Conflict in Yemen (2015-present)

Saudis demonstrate the DJI Mavic 2 Chinese folding quadcopter with suspended mortar ammunition, which the Houthis used to bombard the positions of the Saudi coalition in the Yemeni Muhawaz of Marib.
DJI Mavic 2 Chinese folding quadcopter.jpg

Here is some info about these UAVs:

Hatef, Shahab and Mersad exist only on posters, and in presentation models.

Waeeds are supplied from Iran 5-10 pieces a year, they are the largest and long-ranged of all (up to 2000 km, according to information from the Houthis).

Rased is a light scout, mass assembled right on the spot, originally a Chinese Skywalker.

Qasef-2 is the most massive kamikaze drone, used both for strikes against targets in Yemen and in the KSA.
Qasef-1 is an older version of the Qasef-2 with shorter by1.5 times range and control problems at long distances.

Samad-1 is a medium-range reconnaissance drone.
Samad-2 - the same "Samad-1", but already a kamikaze with a warhead and a lower quality camera.
Samad-3 is a variant of "Samad-2" with an improved control system and increased by 3 times range, differs in a hump and is slightly larger.
Samad-4 appears similar to the Samad-3, with the same wingspan and fuselage length, but the range has been increased to “greater than 2,000 kilometers” and the bombload upgraded to two bombs of up to fifty pounds each. The increased range may be used to take an indirect route to a target , allowing the Samad-4 to bypass air defenses which anticipate attack from one direction, or to carry out a bombing mission and return.

Rujum is a multicopter for dropping grenades and mines from 60 mm mortars on the heads of opponents; it is constantly used at the front in the Marib.
January 17. THAAD reportedly took out the mid-range ballistic missile used by the Iran-backed group to attack an Emirati oil facility. The attack took place near Emirati’s Al-Dhafra Air Base that hosts US and French forces.
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