Photos Camouflage Face Masks (gesichstarnmasken)


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Mar 12, 2005
Camouflage Face Masks (Gesichstarnmasken)
Found this stuff interesting so thought I would share it with you all.
I think the images come from a book titled 'Camouflage Uniforms of the Waffen-SS' but cant be sure of the exact title nor can I find the exact book. As such I cannot provide a link to the book with all certainty that it is the correct one. As we are using these two pics for discussion only I assume that 'Fair use' is in play.

If anybody knows the book and can provide a link to the author/publisher then we can add a better credit later. I think it will be this one HERE written by Michael D. Beaver, J.-F. Borsarello but not 100%

This is a quote from the book, I think?

“The camouflaged face mask was one of the early pieces tested beginning in December 1936. Originally the face mask was called “face camouflage” (gesichtstarnung). In 1938 it was referred to as “face veil” (gesichtsschleier). Then in 1940 the term “camouflage veil” (tarnschleier) was applied before its final label as “camouflage face masks” (gesichstarnmasken) appeared in 1942.

waffen-ss_camo-face-mask.jpg waffen-ss_camo-face-mask1.jpg
Hmmm, interesting, reminds me of Dr. Crane. For shooting from a fixed position or monitoring the situation from a distance, maybe. In combat, however, not likely. It´s like having hair in your face. Why didn´t they use ghillie? It had been "invented" and used few years prior to this.
Agreed Ghillie is a much better option


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