Mil News Brown condemns N Ireland killings


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Feb 29, 2004
Gordon Brown has condemned an attack on an army base in Northern
Ireland which killed two soldiers.

Four other people were also injured when gunmen struck at Massereene army
base in County Antrim, 16 miles north of Belfast, on Saturday night.

The prime minister described the attack as "evil" and said "no murderer" would
derail the peace process.

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A further display of cowardice from people who deserve no respect or mercy when found. We should string them up and burn them, murderous barstewards.
X2's here. Also Rest in Peace and a speedy recovery to the wounded.

There is only one place for terrorists and that is in hell.
Yes in my anger I am ashamed to have forgotten to pass on my deepest sympathy to the families of these brave men.

R.I.P you will not be forgotten

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