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Lightning F6. Single-seat improved longer-range variant F.3, new wings better efficiency and subsonic performance, overwing fuel tanks, larger ventral fuel tank, reintroduction of 30 mm cannon (initially no cannon but later in forward part of ventral pack rather than in the nose. A total 39 built
LOVE those Tornado's, such a great heavy hauler--every year they'd come to the USA and beat the USAF in bombing accuracy competitions, it was the rage back then!! GREAT PICS, keep posting!! (Y)
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Yeah, that is an interesting sight huh, and coming into a a USN port in the USA, kinda of unnecessary I should think....
Amphibious transport dock HMS Albion comes along side in Limassol, Cyprus during its involvement in Exercise Austere Wolf. (13 October 2022)
Paratroopers from the United Kingdom took part in the Swift Response exercise along with soldiers from the USA, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland and Estonia in an airdrop to the Nurms airfield.

Following three amphibious landings on the Nordic nation’s complex coastline, Royal Marines defended Sweden from a mock invasion during Exercise Aurora – the largest Swedish national defence exercise in more than quarter of a century.


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