Intro British Army Uniforms history


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Jul 19, 2022
Hi I’m Alex,
I’m a new British member with an interest in British Army uniforms. I served 23 years in the ranks of the Royal Engineers from 1969 and was commissioned into the Royal Logistic Corps serving 3 years in a regular Regiment and a further 8 in the reserves. Afterwards I became a Human Resources and management training consultant in London.

On behalf of Mr & Mrs Birch, I curate the M.C.Tsen collection at Doddington Hall in Lincolnshire, England. We have an extensive collection of uniforms and accoutrements and welcome groups of people to see the collection by appointment.

My colleagues and I are keen to exchange information with others interested in British Army uniforms.
thanks for the information, friend @Alex5414 , the truth is that I have always found English uniforms very interesting, especially because in some units they differ, it is precisely for that reason, because of the showiness and particularity of the uniforms they use, thank you very much!

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