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Manpads, Man Portable Air Defence System, is a portable single munition version of the Mistral system composed of two packs each weighing 20 kg.

RBS 70 Bofors - Czech Army​





SA-14 Gremlin aka Strela-3 (9K34)​




Poor performance in the Falklands War led to it being withdrawn from UK service. Of the 100 missiles fired, only 9 managed to destroy their targets and all of these where slow flying planes and helicopters. In 1986 some of the mothballed units where sent clandestinely to equip the Mujahideen fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan . The system again proved ineffective, largely due to the very high operator input required to guide the missile from launch to impact (manual CLOS guidance). The failure of Blowpipe (a system which had been available on the international arms market and was therefore 'plausibly deniable') in Afghanistan led to the supply of the more capable (but restricted in availability) U.S. Stinger system. This necessitated a more open acknowledgment of western support for the Mujahideen. Blowpipe missile systems are still being found in weapon caches as recently as June 2003 in Afghanistan
Extended Description
Length: 1.35 m
Diameter: 76 mm
Wingspan: 274 mm
Missile weight: 11 kg
Complete system: 22 kg
Warhead: 2.2kg shaped charge
Range: 500 m to 3.5 km
Speed: Mach 1.5 (510 m/s)
Another blowpipe photo, the cap badge is of the Royal Regiment of Artillery (thats who I served with)

Stinger missile​


The Stinger missile, a full-dimensional protection weapon, is the Army's system for short-range air defense that provides the ground maneuver commander force protection against low-altitude airborne targets such as fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, and cruise missiles. The Stinger is launched from a number of platforms: Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle, Bradley Linebacker, Avenger (HMMWV), and helicopters as well as Man Portable Air Defense (MANPADS).
Extended Description
The Stinger is a man-portable, shoulder-fired guided missile system which enables the soldier to effectively engage low-altitude jet, propeller-driven and helicopter aircraft. Developed by the United States Army Missile Command, the Stinger was the successor to the Redeye Weapon System. The system is a "fire-and-forget" weapon employing a passive infrared seeker and proportional navigation system. Stinger also is designed for the threat beyond the 1990s, with an all-aspect engagement capability, and IFF (Identification-Friend-or-Foe), improved range and maneuverability, and significant countermeasures immunity. The missile, packaged within its disposable launch tube, is delivered as a certified round, requiring no field testing or direct support maintenance. A separable, reusable gripstock is attached to the round prior to use and may be used again.

ItO 86M Igla​


Finnish Defence Forces - Army - ItO 86M Igla aka SA-7 Strela SAM.

An interesting take on modern war and MANPADS.
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