Photos South African National Defence Force

Special Forces with a technical called the GOAT. It has a ZPU-23-2 mounted on a Land Rover.
AC-47 Gunship aka the Dragon Dak armed with a 20mm cannon or single or twin barrelled 50 cal heavy machine guns and shout out speakers - psychological ops
Paratroopers demonstrating the Carl Gustaf.
Zero caucasians in this photo. Is anyone familiar w/ how White South Africans view military service?
I don't have much knowledge on this, but I recall either reading an article or a post here recently. The jist of it is that whites make up a larger percentage (some might say outsized) of the Army's special forces units. I believe certain factors played into it, including multi-generation service and strong physical fitness/educational backgrounds. Due to similar reasons, you'll probably see more whites serving in the officer corps and in specialized units/occupations vs. as regular enlisted.

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