Video A Common Sight In Northern I Corps


Mi General
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Jul 10, 2016
Napalm & Willy Pete. Vid almost raised the hair on my neck. Almost. :( SW

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I would not!!! want to be on the receiving end of that. And yet they fought on.
Great video @NebrHogger really shows the horror of war. Respect
Many interesting memories of nape and WP. During the Kham Duc evacuation Jim McElroy and an SF sergeant marked their position with WP in the wire, a Spad dropped nape on the WP that sucked the air out of McElroy's trench but stopped the attack. McElroy looked out and saw the burned bodies hanging in the wire. By the way, all of that video was shot down south in IV Corps, this stuff was used all over.
In that same battle, two days earlier CPT John White, an Aussie, used 5 napalm strikes in a row to burn an escape route from Ngok Tavek, an outpost at Kham Duc.

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