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Feb 29, 2004
The Birkenhead Drill In 1852, the British troopship H.M.S. Birkenhead was traveling to South Africa when she hit a ledge and foundered. On board were more than seven hundred men, women, and children. With only twenty minutes left before she would sink, the decision was made to place all women and children aboard the few life boats. The men would remain behind and face the man-eating sharks circling the disaster. Hundreds of men drowned or were eaten alive in full view of their children, but not a single woman or child perished that day. In past years, this story was known by every schoolboy and girl.

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Good info and link, Droney.
I remember reading about this in a 'Boy's Own'-type annual when I was a young boy. It was presented as an example of doing the right thing in the face of disaster. I've never forgotten it.
The article stated that the cry 'Remember the Birkenhead' was used for long afterwards in any crisis that arose, to maintain good order and ensure that everyone stuck to their duties, or did what was required of them. sal;

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