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Hi Mas thanks for the intro (Y) your boys a damn fine photographer too
Well,folks, I have a pic of home to add to my resume so I thought I would post it to show a little about living in Mississippi. This is my family home.

Durn fine shed ya got there, bro. solaf
Take your pick, Andy. It's only 48 rooms to chose from. I'll get some pics of the inside and show you. That way everyone gets their choice of rooms. We have a piano in one of the living rooms that was used to accompany the Swedish Nightingale Jenny Lind on her visit to Natchez in the 1800's.
You mean its all yours Eagle ?
Think I know where me and the family will coming for a Holiday (Y)

Perhaps even go and see the Grand Village Pow-Wow
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You mean the Grand Village has gone world-wide? I had no idea! WONDERFUL! And, you will always be welcome here, Andy, and also anyone else on this wonderful site. If anyone comes, I'll take them on a personal tour of our beautiful city and its homes. Oh yes, my family home is not the only one here. I will include more pics of others as well.
Well, I have to sign off now. I gotta go to work, durn it.:mad: :mad: :mad:
What a beautiful home, Eagle! Has it always been your family's since it was built?
didn't know that Mississippi was independent?

Eagle 48 rooms what do you do at the weekend go hiking around the house laughsol;
Gosh, It's nice to find out your home state has become a foreign country all of a sudden! :eek: :eek: :eek: kilt; kilt; kilt;

Actually, Droney, the hikes take on somewhat of a safari flavor at times.303_no4 303_no4
I dont think my house has 48 feet never mind 48 rooms LOL (Y)
I was born in Gainesville, Florida, and was raised in Huntsville, Alabama. My Dad was an engineer with Army Ballistic Missile Command at Redstone Arsenal, where he designed & built the guidance systems for the Pershing Missile weapons program and for the Mercury, Gemini & Apollo space programs, as well. My neighbors and classmates & friends were the children of the German scientists & engineers that were brought over from Penamunde after the war. Werner von Braun lived in my neighborhood, and Conrad Dannenburg lived at the end of my street. There were so many Germans in my neighborhood & school, that I was taught German in 4th & 5th grade. My Dad left the space program and my family moved to Orlando, Florida, where he worked for the Dept of the Navy, at what used to be the Orlando Naval Base, designing warhead guidance systems for submarine torpedoes and submarine housed missiles. Orlando was then also the home of Mcoy Air Force Base, and was part of the B-52 SAC organization. I was educated at the University of Florida and Florida Technological Univeristy, originally majoring in engineering also, but instead earned my degrees in Management and Economics. I was offered a commission in the US Navy in 1980, but turned it down for a professional career in the Transporation Industry. Sometimes, too much education can make you stupid! I should have taken the commission, as I would have retired by now.

Anyway, today, I have 3 grown sons, the eldest is an electrical engineer, also graduated from the University of Florida, 2004, another son who is a manager for an auto parts chain here in Jacksonville, and the youngest who served in the USAF, was honorably discharged in 2006, and is now a firefighter in the county where we live.

Jacksonville is the home of Naval Station Mayport, the third largest fleet base in the US. NS Mayport is host to more than 80 tenant commands including 22 naval ships and six Light Airborne Multi-purpose System (LAMPS) Mark III helicopter squadrons. NS Mayport is also the operational and training headquarters for the SH-60B Seahawk LAMPS MKIII with a primary mission of anti-submarine warfare. The John F Kennedy aircraft carrier was home ported here, and was just decommissioned. Jax is also home to NAS JAX, which in addition to the many operational squadrons aboard, is home to Patrol Squadron Thirty (VP-30), the Navy's largest aviation squadron and the only "Orion" Fleet Replacement Squadron that prepares and trains U.S. and foreign pilots, air crew and maintenance personnel for further operational assignments. Other U.S. Navy Bases in the area include Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Brunswick, Georgia, the now closed Naval Air Station Cecil Field, and Camp Blanding. Sometimes, since I only live about 10 miles from Camp Blanding, I can listen/hear to the field artillery training exercises at night. The Navy units based/headquartered in Jacksonville are listen below:

  • Commander Naval Base Jacksonville
  • Naval Air Station Jacksonville
  • Fleet Area Control & Surveillance Facility
  • Commander, Patrol Wing 11
  • Patrol Squadron 5
  • Patrol Squadron 16
  • Patrol Squadron 30
  • Patrol Squadron 45
  • Patrol Squadron 62
  • Fleet Reconnaissance Squadron 6
  • Commander Helicopter Wings Atlantic
  • Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 3
  • Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 5
  • Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 7
  • Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 11
  • Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 15
  • Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 75
  • Commander Sea Control Wing Atlantic
  • Sea Control Squadron 22
  • Sea Control Squadron 24
  • Sea Control Squadron 30
  • Sea Control Squadron 31
  • Sea Control Squadron 32
  • Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 58
  • Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department
  • Fleet & Industrial Supply Center
  • Naval Air Reserve
  • Naval Atlantic Meteorology & Oceanography Facility
  • Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (formerly Naval Aviation Depot Jacksonville)
  • Naval Computer & Telecommunications Station
  • Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region Eight
  • Naval Supply Center
  • Center for Naval Aviation Technical Traning Unit Jacksonville
Down South

Hi Eagledriver, didn't I see this in this place of yours in "Gone with the Wind" ? It looks like it should have a couple of crinoline clad ladies on the lawn pointing and saying " Why Jezebel honey, that looks liake wun of our boys"
Just joking General !, that's a fine , beautiful home you have there and something to be proud of.

Well,folks, I have a pic of home to add to my resume so I thought I would post it to show a little about living in Mississippi. This is my family home.


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