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Mar 30, 2006
ME, Im from the former Colony that belonged to Princess Mary..Hense Maryland in the USA..Its kinda like the UK but w/ guns and huge 4x4s..Im north of Salisbury and Chambridge..West of Dover and Wilmington ...East of Aberdeen and Manchester.....South of York and New Castle...I think there is a town in my area for every town in the UK..

Ive been all over Europe but I have never had a chance to explore the UK yet..Im gathering most folks are rm the UK?

Anyhow just thought it be something to get to know some folks..

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Me, I'm for the county of Cambridgeshire, north of Cambridge, south of Peterborough, just ouside of the town of Huntingdon, in a small village called Brampton, great pubs and excellent long walks.

Still in military service, 30 years in the RAF, in that time, I have served around the world and now looking forward to getting a nice desk job close to home for my last 6 years in.
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Im from Manchester in the North West of England. An old Industrial town which is slowly getting itself togeather after an I.R.A Bomb blast some years ago. (Y)
Born & raised in the foothills of the Allegeheny Mountains of Pennsylvania.
Moved to St. Louis, Missouri after university. Been here almost 40 yrs now. Right now it is hot hot hot!
My dad use to say I was born in the hammock netting (old Navy term). I was born in a US Navy Hospital, My dad was USN 1937-57. As soon as I was able to travel I was on troop transport and sailed to Guam. I spent the first part of my life in the Pacific Islands.

I have lived in a number of states .

Eventually I settled in Oregon, been here since 1978. We moved up here so my wife could finished her Master's degree, liked so much and stayed. We have been in our current home for 11 years.
I'm From Liverpool, Lived in Kent, Wiltshire, London moved back to Liverpool in 1999.
I was born in Bolton Lancashire eleven miles north of Manchester. I settled in my wife place of birth which is Gainsborough in Lincolnshire.

Doncaster is 20 miles to the North, Lincoln City, is 20 miles to the West, Scunthorpe 20 miles to the east and Grimsby 40 miles to the South.

Gainsborough is an old town on the banks of the River Trent and is the furthest inland port in England, though the shipping is not as much as it uses to be, the occasional large boat still drops of Timber at the timber yard.

The Old Hall was build in about 1460 by the local land owner Sir Thomas Burgh, Famous people that have stayed there are Richard the III, Henry the VIII and John Wesley who preached to the Pilgrim fathers in the old Hall before they set sail for the new world. The old Hall is also reputed to have had the first flush toilet in England as when it was built they laid a tunnel to the river and on each high time the water washed out the toilet system.


I was born on the 4th April 1939, as I said earlier, in Bolton. At age fourteen I left school and went to work in the local coal mines. I saw my friend killed and helped to carry his body out of the pit and never went back down again. I did a few odd jobs then joined the army at age seventeen on the 5th November 1956, retiring in June 1981 after going round the world.

I married Jan in 1965, she was one of my trainee nurses and we knew each other for three years before we married.

We have three daughters and six grandchildren.

I’m now retired but still active with DYS and writing, I’ve written a book of anecdotes of my army time still yet to publish as I keep finding things to put into it. I’ve also written a SF trilogy which is with an agent at the moment trying to find a publisher. I also edit and publish a quarterly poetry and short story magazine.

As an ex medic I feel it is my duty to visit the local hostelries and sample the brew, just to make sure that it’s fit for human consumption. My preferred drink is dark mild.

Some great posts guy..Thanks for the replies....Wonder who else might join the thread....

I have some stories to share..Later...I just droped in to see what was going on in here..

I'm from Poland. I was born in Bytom (one of the oldest cities of Upper Silesia ). All my live I was living in Sosnowiec ( one of the youngest cities of Silesia Voivodeship). About 1,5 years ago I remove to the Dabrowa Gornicza.
All this cities are part of Upper Silesia aglomeration where live about 2 500 000 peoples.
Born and raised in Inverclyde, which is mainly the 3 adjoining towns of Gourock, Greenock & Port Glasgow, with a few outlying smaller villages. I live in Gourock, which is about 25 miles (38K) west of Glasgow, on the southern side of the River Clyde. If you look at a map, it's right on the 'corner' where the Clyde turns from East-West, to North-South.
Hi Reloader,

Passed your place many a time in my HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) days. I’d start my drops in Helensburgh then over the Erskin bridge to a regular drop at Finnystone Country Estate, then into the town centres of Port Glasgow and Greenock and work my way down the coast to Irvine and spend the night here and change over my trailer. Then on to Troon, Preswick, Ary, Dumfries, and my last drop would be Gretna Green before heading of back to Lincolnshire.

You certainly got about Silky! Wonder if you would recognise the places today, with the loss of all the shipbuilding and engineering. It's all call centres and mail order warehouses now.
Was up there last August as I took the wife on holiday as she had never been to Scotland. We went up the East coast stopping of in St Andrews for a game of Golf and left her to her shopping. and we came back down the West coast.

I was born and raised in the Great Southern city of Natchez, Mississippi. Retired after 27 years in the service, I'm now working as a security supervisor(Lieutenant) at Louisiana State Penitentiary. Hope to retire in 4 more years and move to the Great state of Colorado. 2 kids and 2 beautiful grandchildren. welc. welc. welc.
Great state of Colorado

My Brother lives in the Denver area Eagle, maybe we will meet up one of these days ? (Y)
Never can tell , Andy. I sure hope so. I plan to move well west of Denver. Somewhere near the Uncomphagre.kilt;

I currently stay in Livingston, West Lothian. Livingston is a 'new town' that keeps on growing and that is placed in the middle of what is called the 'Silicon Glen', with great transport links to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, and beyond. That is, if you're able to figure out how to get out of Livingston... ;) There are enough roundabouts to make even a compass and GPS go a little dizzy... :confused: :eek:


West Lothian was recently voted Britain's best local authority and I can vouch for it being a good place to live.

http://www.westlothian.com/Home/media_centre/newsarchive/1021271 said:
West Lothian Council has been crowned Britain’s best local authority at a prestigious awards ceremony in London.

West Lothian won the top category of Council of the Year at the annual Local Government Chronicle Awards last night. West Lothian Council is the only council in Scotland that has ever won - or been nominated – for the accolade since the awards were established.

The LGC Awards aim to highlight and celebrate excellent work in local government. This year the competition received a record number of entries from local authorities. By winning this highly sought title the council has demonstrated a level of excellence that takes its work well beyond basic service provision. West Lothian Council fought-off competition from five other nominees: Telford and Wrekin Council, Canterbury City Council, Gateshead Council, Shropshire County Council and St Helens Council.
My family history is interesting, so I'm going to mention a small part of it. Originally my Lithuanian-Polish (Polish-speaking born and raised in Lithuania) mother's roots come from the Swedish Vikings following Rurik to settle in what is today's Russia and surrounding countries, and become some of this region's oldest and most respected prince families. On my Swedish bio-father's side they were working the land of Sweden as farmers and foresters but never owned their own land.

Me, I was born in Sweden, but never fit in there, so I was determined to move abroad as soon as I could. I've lived in France both as a teenager and later on, and since 2000 I live in the UK. I moved around until I found a company I'm proud to be working for and a place where I could imagine settling down. I now own a house in Scotland (see beginning of post) and I'm working for a world-leading CRO whose aim is to make everyone's quality of life better by bringing new medication on to the market.
Thats one thing you Europeans can be grateful for...You have place where you can trace your family steps..Here in the states you're kind an orphan of sorts as its next to impossible to trace family roots back to the old country....This sountry is so young and all of us are imports w. no real roots.....

Family and its history can sometimes be more of a burden. Which is why so many Europeans still queue up to emigrate to America and start over and pretend they don't have a history to tie them down.

I guess we all want what we don't have.
Resurrecting an old thread here, but as I am new thought it a good way to let you know about me.....and in case you hadn't guessed already, I am a female....so I hope I am not going to get booted out of here! (Any other females on here?)

I am a ex scaley brat, having been born of RAF service parents - both serving out in India when they met. Was born in Devon, but my childhood was mostly around London; as you can imagine my Father's career took me around the country quite a bit (funny how he never got accompanied overseas tours when I was around to join them!!)

Married an RAF serviceman (still serving) and he is from Manchester - and extended my knowledge of UK further, also Germany and now Oman. As the 80 or so people who have looked at his picture (Son of Masarelle wins competition) may have figured out my eldest son is also in the RAF - funnily enough as a photographer. Home in UK is currently Gloucester (yep, we got posted to good old Innsworth) and my 5 adult 'children' are the scattered the length of UK.

Services bases I have 'served' at as a dependant : Kenley, Odiham, Waterbeach; West Raynham; Church Fenton; Halton(2); Colerne, North Luffenham; St Athan (3) Boulmer, Lossiemouth; Finningley, Cottesmore (2), Laarbruch; Innsworth; Brampton; Brize Norton; - I think that's all!

Bye, Mas

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