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Rhodesian's T-55LD


what status of 8 Rhodesian's T-55LD?

T-55, they were intercepted en route to Angola by the SA Navy, who had intel on the shipment, and directed to Durban for confiscation.
Armoured Car Regiment Eland 90. Their 90mm gun proved effective against enemy T34s. Rhodesia acquired T54s late in the war, unfortunately they were never brought into action.
Guard Force Crocodile APC

Based on a 5-tonne truck chassis, usually from trucks of Japanese origin such as Nissan, Toyota, or Isuzu, the Crocodile Armored Personnel Carrier saw extensive combat use during the last few years of the Rhodesian Bush War. Introduced in 1977, the vehicle featured military vehicle seats, an open-top hull, armored with 10 mm thick steel plates on all sides. The cabin was protected by a 40 mm thick bullet-proof glass which provided safety from small-arms fire for the driver.

As for its offensive capacity, the Crocodile was usually armed with an FN MAG Light Machine Gun or an M1919 Browning medium machine gun mounted on a cylinder-shaped turret, popularly dubbed as the “Dustbin” by its Rhodesian operators.

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