Warfare Operation Raviv


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Feb 20, 2020
One of Israel's most unusual special operations was conducted on September 8-9, 1969 in the Gulf of Suez during the War of Attrition, codenamed Raviv also known as ten-hour war. The main participants were tankers, supported by special forces, artillery, navy and aviation.
The operation saw Israeli forces masquerading as Egyptian troops and using captured Arab armor.

Operation Rawiw map.jpg
Israel Navy Maiale ("Pig") manned torpedo
Israel Navy Maiale %22Pig%22 manned torpedo.jpg

On September 7, 1969, Shayetet 13 commandos carried out Operation Escort, raiding the Egyptian Navy anchorage at Ras Sadat. Arriving on a pair of Maiale (Pig) human torpedoes, the eight operators attached limpet mines to two P-183 torpedo boats before withdrawing and detonating their charges from a distance. The sinking of the two boats served a dual purpose, preventing the interception of the Israeli landing craft and their cargo, while drawing Egyptian attention north from the planned point of disembarkation. Despite the operation's successful execution, Shayetet 13 suffered three fatalities when the self-destruct mechanism of one of the Maiales accidentally went off as the commandos were making their way back across the Gulf of Suez.

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