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Sep 20, 2009
Iraq War O.I.F I Personal Photos
Here is a picture of me next to my M1A1 Abrams Tank, I was the Gunner on C-34. This was in 2003 my first tour in Iraq with the 1-66 Armor 4ID out of Fort Hood, TEXAS.
if you have any personal Iraq War photos please post them here so we can witness your sacrifice and honor you.
Samara, Iraq 2003 M1A1 Abrams Tank:
Lunch at War: nothing like a little dust on your food...
Eating on top of my M1A1 Abrams Tank: Samara, Iraq
Why, I am proud to serve the Iraqi people: This is worth fighting for, the future of the Iraqi children.

Geraldo Rivera From Fox News in Sammara, Iraq for the battle of 30 November 2003.
Thanks for sharing your great pictures, Sgt. Luna. And thank you for your service.
Not FOB Brassfield Mora

That is not FOB Brassfield Mora...the picture taken with General Sanchez was at FOB Stoddard. I was in B Company while you were there.

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