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Ted Elswick

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Feb 26, 2019
Was with the 12th Marines, Camp Hauge, Delta battery. The next thing I know I'm on my way to search people and get then onto a ship. Fox security Detachment. I got up one morning, went topside, spotted by the staff Sargent and told to take people off the choppers and put them somewhere. While they pushed it overboard.. What I really want to know after all these years is...what ship was I on? ..had a rear boat dock, and one hilo pad..had us changing ships so many times, I really never knew where I was. Thanks
Ted E. Welcome to! I am the author of the orginal Operation Frequent Wind thread and I'm happy to see another Frequent Wind vet aboard!..What you described sounds like a amphibous ship of some sort. Check this link in wiki it will give you the names of the ships that were involved. Perhaps your memory will be jogged.

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This is the thread that @bdpopeye created about Operation Frequent wind

My name is George Morales and during Frequent Wind our ship was the USS Dubuque LPD-8. I was TDY as a radioman to A RED/EYE Missile PLT. from Marine Corps Air Station at El Toro CA. MACG-38 MASS#3 a COMMUNICATION PLT. We ended up Flying to Okinawa in C-130 after a stop of 60 days at Kaneohe Bay MCAS in Hawaii. After some training with force recon at Okinawa we were than flown to to Subic Bay in a C-130. When we arrived there we ended up berthing on the USS Dubuque which took us to Mindoro Providence and we trained on more Jungle Warfare there. After some days on that island we ended up in Operation Frequent Wind. It has been a long time ago I cannot remember most of the names of my RED/EYE PLT. I know when we left Okinawa we were attached to the 1st Marines or the 5th marines. I can remember SGT. Denarii and Cherry a young marine. I would like to find some marines or sailors that remember me during that time. I need prove of my participation in Operation Frequent Wind I was a L/CPL then so if you remember me or anyone you know please contact me at georgemorales127@gmail.come. the description of the ship you gave could have a lpd.-8 ship.

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