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Feb 26, 2022
Can anyone tell me information about this old photo?

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To me this appears to be the D Company of the 1st battalion of some US Cavalry regiment around the year 1900.
It is a pity the image is not clearer of the gentleman on the far right - as the regiment number would more than likely be below the crossed sword on his hat - if you have the original image I would scan it and have a close look

NB - I am particularly taken with the guy at the back centre - sporting a cigar and a squirrel on his hat?

NNB - I am not being funny, but it looks like it is stuck in a book of photos - have you had a look at the back? Because in the past I have seen all the details and the people involved written on the back in pencil;)
CAV crop 1 .jpeg

CAV Crop 3 .jpeg

CAV Crop 4 .jpeg
CAV Crop 5 .jpeg
CAV Crop 6 .jpeg

I did a little contrast and enlarging as best I could but really the original needs scanning at high resolution to capture better detail.
The boy with a more conventional cap between the tails of the Guidion might offer a better way of dating the picture??


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That's some great work, CR!

I took a closer look at the swords of these gentlemen. While all those standing in the back row have the M1860 cavalry saber, the one sitting in front has a United Marine Corps NCO sword. The M1860 saber was replaced in 1906 with a model that features an apparently narrower blade and a slightly different hilt (see example). This, the fact that none of them are wearing rank insignia, and what appears to be some typical American architecture in the background makes me think that the photo was shot at some sort of veterans' meeting. Note also those gaiters which were typical for use in the tropics afaik. My guess is on something between 1900 and 1906, so these folks may have been participants of the Philippine–American War or the Boxer Rebellion campaign in China.

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