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Jul 11, 2004
Sheikh pays £250,000 for Household Cavalry to fly to Abu Dhabi
A billionaire Arab sheik has paid £250,000 to fly 30 members of the Household Cavalry to Abu Dhabi to perform for him, it has been reported.

Members of the Household Cavalry, based in Knightsbridge barracks, during rehearsals for the Musical Ride in Hyde Park.

Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is one of the richest men in the world, has arranged for a specially adapted Boeing 747 to take the horses to the Middle East.

On arrival, the mounts will be transferred to air-conditioned stables, with a team of staff to pamper them.

Household Cavalry spokesman Captain Michael Fry told the Daily Mail: "It looks like the horses are going to get better treatment than we will."

The Musical Ride has been a part of the public face of the Household Cavalry for many years, first performing at The Royal Tournament in 1882.

Their performances comprise a series of cavalry drill movements set to music.

The team, based at the Household Cavalry barracks in Hyde Park, take part in all state occasions, such as Trooping the Colour and shows across Britain.

But their trip to Abu Dhabi will be the first time they have travelled outside Europe.

During their journey in September, the Musical Ride will perform at the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition.

The trip was approved by senior Army officers because it is considered an opportunity to strengthen links between Britain and the UAE.

It is understood that Sheikh Mansoor, who owns 52 racehorses and is an accomplished rider himself, has not paid for the Household Cavalry's services.

However, he has offered to cover the costs of the trip, and to make a contribution to the Household Cavalry Museum.

Captain Fry added: "Essentially none of it would be possible without the extraordinary generosity of the sheikh.

"It is an unbelievable opportunity for the team and we looking forward to it immensely."

Sheikh Mansoor is the brother of the ruler of Abu Dhabi, the biggest of the United Arab Emirates, whose family fortune is estimated at about £555 billion.

Last year he spent £210 million on Manchester City football club.

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