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  1. AAR Galileo

    Video The sinking of the Pong Su in 2006

    An efficient way do deal with drug smuggling ship.
  2. Black Pawn

    Discussion about WWIII

    I suggest this this thread for discussions about possibility of WWIII, it's reasons, possible strategies of sides and so on... I suggest don't use language of hate - don't tell about "degenerated West population" or "corrupted Russian elites", avoid ideas of "quasitolkienism" with Russian as...
  3. hothong

    Video Military Weapons.north Korea's Most Powerful Weapon America Must Fear

    Military weapons.North Korea's most powerful weapon America must fear
  4. Bombardier

    Other Post North Korea, What Do You Think

    Analysts fear the situation is a tinderbox that could be set off by a small spark. What do you thnk? Watch video from CNN
  5. Chinese Soldiers in North Korea

    Chinese Soldiers in North Korea

  6. Bombardier

    Mil News North korean Defence Chief Executed

    North Korea defence chief reportedly executed with anti-aircraft gun South Korean sources say Hyon Yong-chol was killed in front of hundreds of people, reportedly for behaviour such as falling asleep in Kim Jong-un’s presence. Some of the means by which the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un...