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Dec 19, 2004
A former RAF Vulcan that was a symbol of Britain's strength during the 'Cold War' is set to reach for the skies again following a successful national appeal for funds to restore her to flying condition.


Vulcan XH558 – which last flew 13 years ago – is being professionally restored by a team of experts, including ex-Vulcan engineers, at a former RAF airfield south of Leicester. But when trustees were warned earlier this year that funding was heading for the red, the project came under threat.
Now, following the appeal - spearheaded by the 'Vulcan to the Sky Club' - donations large and small have put the restoration of 'Delta Lady' back on track.

One of the donors was named in the media as former RAF veteran Sir Jack Hayward, who contributed half a million pounds towards making the huge delta-winged strategic bomber airworthy once more.
If the restoration is completed on schedule, the Vulcan to the Sky Trust (VTST) hopes the Vulcan will take pride of place in next year's Royal Flypast over Buckingham Palace as part of the 25th anniversary commemoration of the Falklands Conflict. Sir Michael Knight, Chairman of the VTST, said:

"The Vulcan's undercarriage was only fitted last week, so we were able to roll her out as the champagne corks popped. There were times when we thought she might never leave the hangar that has been her home since the project began seven years ago.

"The fact that £1.2 million has now been raised is testament to the strength of the public's desire to see the Vulcan fly again. We are greatly in debt to all donors."

The Trust's home is former RAF Bruntingthorpe – an airfield ten miles south of Leicester that was opened during World War Two. It was leased to USAF from 1957 but was sold off after US forces left in 1962

More than 100 Vulcans stood ready to defend the UK against nuclear-armed aggressors and provided the mainstay of Britain's strategic nuclear deterrent from the 1950's until the Royal Navy took on the role with its Polaris submarine-based missile system.

In 1982 a force of Vulcans – refuelled by Victor tankers - bombed Port Stanley Airfield in the Falklands after the islands were occupied by Argentine forces. They made a record 8,000 mile round trip from Ascension Island - it was the first and last time the Vulcan was used in anger.

Source MoD

Speaking for myself, I would travel the lenght of the country to see this great aircraft fly again. sal;

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