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SEK operation in the Pinneberg district: On Wednesday morning, a house in Moorrege was stormed by the police. 13th Dec 2023
Photo: Florian Sprenger - West Coast News / HA
SEK NRW. A 30-year-old was arrested by special forces on Christmas Eve due to possible preparation of a terrorist attack on Cologne Cathedral, three more suspects were arrested on the night of Sunday (December 31, 2023).
SEK Hamburg after a man played with a firearm in a livestream, 2 weeks ago
Berlin SEK raiding the apartment of a recently murdered Clan boxer, 21st of December 2023
Berlin SEK after having raided the apartment of a suspect involved in a shoot-out, morning of the 18th of December 2023, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
SEK operator escorting women out of a school. A 21 year old man attacked the school. 19 May 2022
1. pic is from Australia
2. pic ist from Austria (Australia without Kangaroos)
3. pic is German Army

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