vietnam war

  1. rotorwash

    Memories My Time in the Navy

    By the third week of April, 1967, the 1/35 Infantry of the 4th Infantry’s Third Brigade was established at Duc Pho, expanding its influence to make room for the rest of the brigade gradually moving up from LZ English and the Bong Son Plain. Our company was increasing it’s presence...
  2. rotorwash

    Article Salt and Pepper

    As early as TET 1968 we had reports of two non Vietnamese, both black men, working with the VC in the Duc Pho area. Our aircraft spotted them on at least two occasions, on one occasion in March or April one of our crewchiefs had the opportunity to take one of them under fire, but believed the...
  3. Frisco-Kid

    Article AMBUSHES

    Since it's one of the most basic offensive tactics in guerilla warfare, most grunts in VN have been on scores of them. Since alot of Charlie's movements were at night, we did alot of night ambushes. Some were during the day, though. Some of the ambushes were deliberate ones, based on...
  4. Frisco-Kid


    About MAR/APR67 2 of my platoon members returned from their R&R [Rest and Relaxation or Recreation; often called I&I - Intercoarse and Intoxication] in Manila, Phillipines. After telling their stories of drinking and debauchery, they told us about an encounter they had in a Manila bar...
  5. Bombardier


    Thanks rotor, heres another article I found very interesting :mrgreen: HOA BINH CAMPAIGN: VIET MINH ATTACK, THE FRENCH RESPOND During the last few months of 1951 and the beginning of 1952 the French in Indochina tried to wrench the initiative from the Viet Minh. The failure of Vo Nguyen...
  6. Bombardier

    Article Britain’s Vietnam War

    Found this interesting article Britain’s Vietnam War The wars in Indochina, for about 35 years, had caught the world’s attention during the last part of the 20th century. France’s unsuccessful nine-year conflict (1945-1954), America’s equally unsuccessful involvement, ending in 1973 to the...
  7. rotorwash

    NVA/VC Locator

    Image link broken due to photobucket policies
  8. Bombardier

    Brave Jolly Green 67 (search and rescue)

    At approximately 3:15 p.m.on April 6, U.S. Air Force Captain Fred Boli took off from the American air base at Da Nang in a prop-driven Douglas A-1 Skyraider fighter-bomber (known as a "Sandy"). With Boli, whose call sign was Sandy 01, were three other A-1s, Sandys 02, 05 and 06, and two Sikorsky...
  9. rotorwash

    Article Ridin' the Skid

    Early in my military career I saw one of the first pictures to come out of Vietnam, a picture of a door gunner in a gunship standing on the skid leaning out firing his M 60 back under the tail boom. The aircraft was flying at treetop level, the photographer actually slightly above the gunship...
  10. Bombardier

    Article Forgotten German veterans of France's Vietnam war

    Found this article elsewhere and found it fascinating, hope you all do too. Forgotten German veterans of France's Vietnam war 02 May 2004 By James Mackenzie WEINHEIM AN DER BERGSTRASSE, Germany, May 2 (Reuters) - Four years after the end of World War Two, while much of Germany...
  11. Drone_pilot

    war films

    Given that there are so many film's about Vietnam, as Vet's of that conflict which in your opinion comes close to telling it as it was, and why.
  12. Frisbee

    Operation Montgomery Rendezvous

    June 8th 1969 Operation Apache Snow ends and Operation Montgomery Rendezvous begins with the 3rd Brigade 101st Airborne Division continuing their sweep of the Ashau Valley along the border with Laos with the most significant action being the Battle for Hill 996 which started on July 10th...
  13. 1 Lt. Sharon Lane

    1 Lt. Sharon Lane

    One of eight US military service women to die in Vietnam, Lt Lane was the only woman to die as a result of direct hostile fire.
  14. Tryin to keep it clean

    Tryin to keep it clean

    "No.Do NOT drop those rounds directly on the ville.Over."
  15. Team 4-7, E Co/20th Inf

    Team 4-7, E Co/20th Inf

    James Worth (l) Gary Stuart waving hi Somewhere in the Ia Drang Valley, Jan 68
  16. 105mm fireing

    105mm fireing

    105mm fireing at a FSB Vietnam 1970
  17. Bustin Patties

    Bustin Patties

    Mech.Inf. Vietnam
  18. Drone_pilot

    On this day 3 june Vietnam

    1970 Nixon calls Cambodian operation a success In a televised speech, President Richard Nixon claims the Allied drive into Cambodia is the "most successful operation of this long and difficult war," and that he is now able to resume the withdrawal of U.S. troops from South Vietnam. U.S...
  19. Me,Jan. 1970 Vietnam

    Me,Jan. 1970 Vietnam

    Cherry boy.
  20. Hueys near FSB ,Vietnam '70

    Hueys near FSB ,Vietnam '70

    "Slicks" land in preparation for troop transport.