vietnam war

  1. 173 airborne assault on hill 875

    173 airborne assault on hill 875

  2. General William Westmoreland 1964

    General William Westmoreland 1964

    Commander of American troops in Vietnam, veteran of WWII and Korea, superintendent of West Point. Died July 18, 2005
  3. check out bodies of dead NVA

    check out bodies of dead NVA

    Members of Company D, 2d Battalion, 28th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division, check out bodies of dead NVA following an ambush approximately 36 miles west of Lai Khe. 7 Dec 1969.
  4. Admiral James Stockdale

    Admiral James Stockdale

    Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Hanoi Hilton POW
  5. Cam Ran Bay port facilities

    Cam Ran Bay port facilities

    Cam Ranh was a major US military installation during the Vietnam War. In addition to its two 10,000' runways, it had an excellent deep-water port and, due to its relatively secure location, was the site of large munitions and POL (Petroleum/Oil/Lubricants) storage site. During 1978-79 the...


    This artwork was done by a Vietnam Vet called jinks. jinks dedicated this pic to my unit on Memorial Day 2004. jinks was with C Company, 2 Bn, 34th Armor which supported the units of the 506th Inf. C/2/34 was part of Operation Apache Snow attached to the 3/5 Cav. jinks was a TC and was wounded...
  7. India Company, 1st Plt, 2nd sqd. 1st fireteam

    India Company, 1st Plt, 2nd sqd. 1st fireteam

    Fuzzman upper left, Bovia, Rick Watkins. lower left-Dan Miller and bottom right is Duncan Fabri - deceased
  8. Matzos

    Article OP 'Carolina Moon' (USAF)

    The time was September 1965. U.S. Air Force and Navy planes had been bombing selected targets in North Vietnam for almost six months. Most of the worthwhile targets had been destroyed - except for two bridges, one of which spanned the Song Ma River at a place known to the Vietnamese as "The...
  9. Matzos

    Photos Aussies and Kiwi's in Vietnam

    I know that the Aussie SAS saw action in Vietnam, does anyone know other other Aussie units were there? There is talk in some military history circles that the British SAS also saw action.
  10. rotorwash

    Article Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop . . . .

    The VC were less then enthusiastic about our incursion into the Duc Pho area, in fact they were downright hostile. Every village was fortified with bunkers, tunnels and spider holes, every CA was contested. Resupply ships were shot at, every extraction was hot and mortars fell like rain. Dawn...
  11. Drone_pilot

    On this day 10 Febuary Vietnam

    1965 Viet Cong blow up U.S. barracks Viet Cong guerrillas blow up the U.S. barracks at Qui Nhon, 75 miles east of Pleiku on the central coast, with a 100-pound explosive charge under the building. A total of 23 U.S. personnel were killed, as well as two Viet Cong. In response to the attack...
  12. rotorwash

    From the Army Times

    Hey Frisco, just a quick note I picked up. Silent Patrol Calls In Gunships On VC Patrol 14 October 1967 DUC PHO, (101st ABN-IO) - The sun had set, shrouding the Song Ve Valley in darkness. A squad of paratroopers from the 101st Airborne Division crept across a rice paddy, hoping to...
  13. "No Light In The Jungle"

    "No Light In The Jungle"

    Sometimes the sunlight could not penetrate the triple canopy jungle
  14. "Filtered Light"

    "Filtered Light"

    Taking a break. Sometimes in the triple canopy jungle you could find a spot where a little sunlight was filtering thru Copyright - Bill Farnie
  15. Frisco-Kid

    Article The Cu Chi Tunnels

    In APR/MAY03 I returned to Vietnam for a 10 day visit. I went with my wife, Kath, and another couple, James and Sue. James is a Vietnam Vet who served with the 101st Airborne Division [1/327] from MAY67-NOV67, when he volunteered to be trained as a LRRP [Long Range Reconaissance Patrol]. After...
  16. rotorwash

    Article More Duc Pho Moments

    One Shot Charley As April ‘67 gave way to May things began to change around Duc Pho. The first thing that went was the name, LZ Montezuma just didn’t sound right when the Army said it, so the place became LZ Bronco. The brigade CP arrived along with a mess tent, meaning we could have a hot...
  17. rotorwash

    Article Welcome to Duc Pho

    April 16, 1967 Just a “little” firefight When I first saw LZ Montezuma it was a simple triangular earthen fort built by the French/ARVN/Marines, maybe even the Japanese, with a primitive airstrip on the west and a 500 foot mountain sticking up out of the coastal plain like a wart on a...
  18. rotorwash

    Article Where's Rudolph when you need him?

    Christmas Eve, 1967, I was one of the few sober people at Duc Pho, so I volunteered for the flareship. The flareship was an aircraft on standby loaded with the old Mark 24 aircraft flare, each one three feet long, 5 inches around and weighing 27 pounds. Normally the aircraft was never called...
  19. Frisco-Kid

    Memories IN-COUNTRY R&R

    While spending my 2wks. in Saigon to see a dermotologist [see: MY VERY BEST TIME IN VN] I heard some of the REMFs talk about an in-country R and R. It was supposedly 3 days spent at Vung Tau, a city at the mouth of the Saigon River on the South China Sea. It was in III Corps so I had never been...
  20. Frisco-Kid


    But of course, it did. This was a phrase used to shrug off things that DID mean somethin', or to at least minimize them, or to defuse them. To bring things into perspective. A buffer. It was a universal phrase used in every unit, mostly by grunts. I don't know how or when it started, but it was...