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May 31, 2004
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Nice Pic Rotor me ole buddy :mrgreen:
And a very effective one, I might add. I loved you guys sal; . For the most part, Hueys represented only good things to a Grunt. The favorite one was that we were going to be extracted but also, food [hot, maybe], beer [for sure hot], bullets, mail, clean clothes, our wounded comrades were going to be taken care of, or Charlie was being lit up, saving our bacon.

You guys were the BEST, RW.
The ball device on the front is the M-5 40mm grenade launcher. It connects through a chute to a magazine in the cargo compartment between the crewchief and doorgunner. Cyclic rate of fire was abut 180 rounds a minute, course we only carried 240 rounds total so there was a problem that a truly logical mind can spot in a heartbeat. Kind of reminded me of a guy walking down the street spitting watermelon seeds.

For excitement with the M-5 go to my story "Is it supposed to do that?"

Ro-(choked on a watermelon seed) tor