Mil News The Anatomy Of A Bullsh*t SAS Sniper Story

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Mar 6, 2018
“The shot was one in a million.”

That’s a quote from a new “exclusive” from Patrick Williams in the UK’s Daily Star, published Monday with the headline SAS sniper’s ‘one in a million’ shot slays ISIS chief.

But it’s only one among many seemingly “one in a million” stories written by Williams at The Star, offering apparent insight into the secretive British Army special forces unit known as the Special Air Service.

And I’m not calling all of the stories bullshit, but they certainly sound a lot like bullshit.

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I come to understand that special forces rarely boast about their achievements and persona, especialy in public, and why.

So a lot of those stories could very well be BS, maybe the vast majority.
The only Bullshit Stories I have heard in the last, well many years are 'Bravo Two Zero' & 'The one that got away' but that was because both of those soldiers decided their service to the UK was worth dishonouring themselves for. IMHO.

Why because I believe that most of their accounts are BS and the only reason for the publication was to make make money regardless of the detriment to 'The Regiment'

I agree with @Gordus keep your special forces tactics and experiences to yourself. because what you tell us is BS
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There is no law in UK to stop SF to publish about their ops?

@Bombardier did you read: "Zero six Bravo : Sixty special forces against 100,000" ? . Story of a SBS and SAS team send to 'capture' the Iraqi Army 5th Corps in 2003. The mission went totally wrong (mega bad intelligence) and they had to flee and later face allegations of cowardice.

The story:
No mate not read that one. after Bravo Two Zero etc I lost the will to live mil-smile02
Have you read the book by Michael Asher called "The Real Story of Bravo Two Zero"?

I haven't read it but I also am very sceptical of both McNab and Ryan stories. I think they were a "beat up"for media glory to go along with their betrayal of their code.
I will take a look at that one mate, sounds like it might provide the clarification I need :)
Have you read the book by Michael Asher called "The Real Story of Bravo Two Zero"?
I’ve read this and it’s well worth the time if you’ve read Andy Mcnabs or Chris Ryans fairy tales it exposes both of them as real “Hans Christian Anderson’s
Yes the whole episode regarding Bravo-2-zero was total gang F*** from start to finish but didn’t need to be tarnished with BS if only to preserve the names of the men that didn’t get to go home
The media and the Fanatical Groupies who play dress up to play Pishsoft .. at weekends

Have turned people who did a stint ... in XYZ Regiments .. into Celebrities ..

It's no wonder America has a massive problem with folks Reenacting Mr Ben who likes to pretend he's a Navy Seal for an episide of Buds131 on youtube

Whilst at the other end of the Spectrum those who were part of the Police Unit that did surveilance to capture Toto Riina Mafia Boss in 1993 there identies are unknown .. incase of reprisals