Royal Irish Rangers Memorial St Annes Cathedral Belfast

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This memorial in located in St Annes Cathedral Belfast

The Royal Irish Rangers (27th) (Inniskilling) 83rd and 57th)


Ranger 24159044 William James BEST. 1st Royal Irish. Born 5th July 1953 and died 21st May 1972 aged 18 While home on leave from Germany he was abducted by members of the Official IRA, beaten and found shot dead in William Street, Londonderry.

Sergeant 23892271, Talaiasi LABALABA. B.E.M. MiD. Royal Irish Rangers serving with AH (Authentication Header) 22 Regiment killed in action at the battle of Mirbate, Muscat 19th July 1972. At rest in St Martin's churchyard, Hereford. He is also commemorated in the Royal Irish Rangers memorial in St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Major 159355 Donald Patrick FARRELL. M.B.E. (Retired) Royal Irish. Born 4th March 1918 and shot dead by the Official IRA when he was walking his dog near his home in Mountfield, near Omagh, County Tyrone on the 23rd March 1974 County Tyrone aged 56. .

Captain 485726 Simon GARTHWAITE. (Royal Irish Rangers) AH (Authentication Header) 22 Regiment Special Air Service died 20th April 1974 aged 26 at The Oman Born on the 21st January 1948. At rest in Grave HB. Row 1. Grave 51 at St Martins Churchyard, Hereford, Herefordshire


Ranger 24347081 Samuel James Malcolm GIBSON. (NIM) North Irish Militia (Territorial Army). Born 20th August 1944. He was off duty when he was abducted whilst driving his van and found shot in a derelict building in Velsheda Park, Ardoyne, Belfast, on the 21st October 1974 aged 28 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. (Memorial has died 24th). He is at rest in Blaris New Cemetery, Lisburn, County Antrim.

Warrant Officer II 23465295 Hugh Gerald McGINN. 5th (V) Royal Irish. Born 5th April 1940 and died 28th December 1980 at Armagh aged 40 at the door of his home at Umgola Villas, Umgola near Armagh.

Sergeant 24314584 Trevor Alexander ELLIOTT. 5th (V) Royal Irish. Born 5th June 1944. Shot by Provisional Irish Republican Army on the 13th April 1983 at Keady County Armagh aged 38. He was off duty when he was shot at his shop in Keady, Co Armagh.

The following is credited to Palace Barracks Memorial
Sgt Trevor A. Elliot Age 38 ( 5th .V. Battalion ) 13th April 1983. Shot dead by the IRA as he walked from his shop in Keady to his car, a masked gunman opened fire at close range, Trevor was hit seven times. His job in the TA was a Drummer in the Territorial Army’s Pipe Band. He was married with five children and off duty at the time of his death. A senior TA officer said after the killing (We would like to emphasise and stress that we have no involvement in the security situation here in Northern Ireland) He was the 3rd TA Soldier to be killed.

Corporal 24420631 Trevor MAY 4th (V) Royal Irish. Born 6th May 1955. Killed by a car bomb as he left work in Newry 9th May 1984 at Newry, County Down aged 29. At rest in Tullylish Parish Church, Gilford, County Down.

The following is credited to Advocacy for innocent victims Daily Post

Trevor May, 28-year-old Protestant civilian, married with 1 child and a telephone engineer was a Corporal in the Territorial Army. Cpl May worked at the telephone exchange in Newry. An IRA bomb had been placed under his car by the IRA and as he left work the bomb exploded killing him. Two of Cpl May's colleagues who were also members of the Territorial Army were with him at the time and were seriously injured. The south Down brigade of the IRA admitted killing Cpl May and said it would carry out further attacks on Territorial Army members. They said: "the IRA sees no distinction between members of the RUC, British army, UDR, or Territorial Army. All are enemies of the Irish people". The family minister said: "I am speaking on behalf of his wife when I say that Trevor never imagined himself as a threat. The community is shocked and dismayed. The TA was a hobby. His wife is devastated". CPL. May was from Tullylish Road, Gilford and had a 2-year-old child.

Ranger 24794602 Cyril John SMITH Q.G.M. 2nd Royal Irish. Born 2nd April 1969. Killed when attempting to release a man tied to a proxy bomb in his car driven into a Border checkpoint at Killeen near Newry. The man's family were held hostage in their home 24th October 1990 at Newry, County Down aged 21.

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