Photos WW1 British, Commonwealth & US Forces

Jodhpur, Mysore, and Hyderabad Lancers from the British Indian Army during the Mesopotamian Campaign, circa 1917.
Australian infantry wearing Small Box Respirators (SBR). The soldiers are from the 45th Battalion, Australian 4th Division at Garter Point near Zonnebeke, Ypres sector, 27 September 1917
France. 7 July 1918. Group portrait of a platoon of soldiers from 40th Battalion, 10th Brigade, 3rd Division (Australia), winners of a Rifle Competition held at Querrieu
This photo was taken by Ernest Brooks on September 25, 1916 during the Battle of Thiepval Ridge. The tank shown in this photo is a male Mark I called C-15.
A Royal Irish Fusilier tempting a sniper at the Dardanelles. 1915
Battle of Hazebrouck. 12 April 1918, 6-inch howitzer of the 277th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery firing in a lane in front of the railway line near Merris, in the Nord department of northern France.
Austin armoured cars setting out on a reconnaissance mission at Biefvillers during the Second Battle of the Somme. 25 Aug 1918
An Australian gun crew, part of the 55th Siege Artillery Battery serving a 9.2in howitzer at Fricourt during the Battle of Pozières Ridge, France, Aug 1916. The Australian historian Charles Bean wrote that Pozières ridge is more densely sown with Australian sacrifice than any other place on earth
Battle of Flers-Courcelette. A stretcher-borne wounded soldier waves his helmet (and leg) as he is carried in by German prisoners near Ginchy. 15 Sept 1916
British fatigue party carrying duckboards over a support line trench at night. Cambrai, 12 January 1917.
Wounded Canadian and a German soldiers sharing a cigarette in the muddy desolate fields of Flanders during the Battle of Passchendaele, November 1917
Troops of the 8th Battalion, the King's (Liverpool Regiment, Liverpool Irish, 57th Division) entering Lille, 18 October 1918.
US troops aboard French-built Renault FT-17 tanks head for the front line in the Forest of Argonne, France, on September 26, 1918
Battle of Rosières (Operation Michael). A 6-inch Mark VII gun of the Royal Garrison Artillery in action near Hedauville, 26 March 1918
Canadian machine gunners use a shell hole to dig during fighting at Vimy Ridge. April, 1917.
A group of German soldiers stand in the ruins of Sommepy, a French village on the river Marne. Original colour image by Hans Hildenbrand

Hildenbrand was “embedded” with a platoon of German troops in Champagne from June 1915 to January 1916. This photo of a military camp was published by Hildenbrand as a post card.
British soldiers enjoy a jaunt on a Mark IV tank.
RN destroyers off the coast of Gallipoli, 1915.
Somme, France. May 1918. Derelict British Mark IV tanks. The tank in the foreground, No 4056, is a Mark IV Male. The tank had been unable to cross Brie Bridge during the German advance, and was consequently abandoned and burnt
An officer of the 444th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA), smokes his pipe as he supervises a kitten balancing on a shell of a BL 12 inch railway howitzer. July 1918

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