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Jul 10, 2016
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If I may be allowed a war story with pics... while cleaning the basement, I found a book of newspaper clippings my wife saved while we were dating.

Pic on the left is "The Great Dodge Roast of 1978. A close friend and I got onto a fugitive from Texas - murder warrant as I recall. We were steaming down I-80 over 100MPH when I drove beside the bad guy & meant to shoot. He cranked a hard left & out into the hay meadow shown after crashing through a fence & rolling several times. We opted to not crash through the fence & took up the chase on foot. Catalytic converters on all 3 cars ignited the grass & started quite a blaze. He was trying to make it to the river in the distance. I was about out of breath & fired close enough to his head he heard the bullet & gave up.

I was EOD for the west half of Nebr & had 4# of C-4 in my trunk. Had to beat it back to keep firefighters away in case of a detonation. (the stuff just burned - no explosion) Bad guy claimed my friend kicked his a$$ every step of the way back. No witnesses, though.

I heard he did get the crap beat out of him when the Texas Rangers showed up (in their own plane) to take him back. I don't recall who he murdered, but the Rangers were not happy, a jailer friend told me.

This made national news - not for the bad guy but as a discussion of what a bad idea catalytic converters are. Got to see my irate mug on the evening news!

We caught a little heck for cremating our rides, but we caught the bastard!

Next pic is me on a roof with a mortal shot at a nut case. Long story short, he wacked out - called the pastor of my wife's church over for counseling - and tried to blow his head off after saying he wanted to kill himself... and anyone else close by. I was first on the scene and asked the lady of the house if I could use her roof. I have my trusty 12ga in the pic, but the Lt arrived & tossed me up an M16.

I had a clear shot at the nut case who was sitting on the floor of his bedroom talking to a negotiator. He thought he was hidden, but I could see him clearly. He never knew I was there.

He didn't want to kill himself that badly & eventually surrendered. Then it was off to Casa del Wacko.

I liked railroading a lot better than this. I found a couple more but will save them for a boring day. SW
Missed this one buddy, great account of a day in the life of @NebrHogger appreciate you sharing that one bud ;)