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Jul 18, 2013
In September 1944, Mustin Field played host to trials for a very unusual aircraft, an P-51 Mustang which had been modified to evaluate its use from Navy carriers. The program was given the name “Project Seahorse”.

An early-series P-51D, serial # 44-14017, was selected.A tailhook was fitted, which required an extended keel line on which to fix the tailhook attachment point. A catapult hook was fitted on the fuselage centerline, just forward of the wing. To cope with hard carrier landings, the tires were replaced with special high-pressure ones. The main undercarriage shock absorbers received increased air pressure to reduce bouncing upon landing. The airframe was also reinforced in various points to withstand the extra stress.

By early 1945, the islands of Okinawa and Iwo Jima were conquered. Their airfields were immediately taken over by US forces, providing fighter units with bases from which they could escort bombers to mainland Japan. The navalized P-51 was no longer needed and the program never went any further. The link below shows some photos this unusual Mustang version:


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