Pictures for project Graffiti of War


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Apr 10, 2011
For the project Graffiti of War we are looking for pictures of art created on unconventional canvases by military service members, from spray-painted slogans on captured enemy vehicles, to graffiti seen inside porta-potties, to elegant and dramatic unit emblems painted on blast walls.

The premise behind this project is twofold: to bring about understanding, foster empathy and bridge the widening gap between service members and civilians through the creation of the published book. Upon the completion of the book, use a large portion of the proceeds from the sale to fund the Graffiti of War Foundation offering support and healing through artistic creation by those afflicted with the silent wounds of war, PTSD.

For this project we are looking for pictures of this unconventional art and pictures of military tattoos, they too are pieces of art. This is going to be an international project, pictures from any country that has served in Afghanistan or Iraq are VERY welcome!

Do you have any questions or have pictures.. you can email me at Or go to or and follow our progress in gathering pictures and the upcoming trip to Kuwait and Iraq.

Thank you in advance for reading this message.


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