Funny It's true I tell you.

John A Silkstone

Mi General
MI.Net Member
Jul 11, 2004
Safeway condoms, lightening the load.

Sainsbury condoms, making life taste better

Tesco condoms, every little helps

Nike condoms, just do it

Peugeot condoms, the ride of your life

Galaxy condoms, why have rubber when you can have silk?

KFC condoms, finger licking good

M & M condoms, melt in your mouth not in your hands

Abbey national condoms, because life is complicated enough

Duracell condoms, keep going and going

Macintosh condoms, it does more, it costs less, its that simple

Pringles condoms, once you pop you can't stop

Burger King condoms, home of the big WOPPER!!

Goodyear condoms, for a long ride go wide

Muller light condoms, so much pleasure but where's the pain?

Flash condoms, just sit back relax and let flash to all the hard work

Halford condoms, we go the extra mile

On Digital condoms, plug in and play

Royal Mail condoms, I saw this and thought of you

Andrex condoms, soft, strong and very very long

Renault condoms, size does matter

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