Crime Halle, Germany shooting. At least two dead, perps on the run

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Probably a larper à-la Christchurch.
The modus operandi reminds me a litlle of the Kouachi brothers attack on Charlie Hebdo. Calm, determined...seem very professional in their use of weapons.

Not taking any bets on what the perps represent at this point, but feeling very sad for the two victims.
Big hug for you guys. It makes no sense whatsoever.
There’s PDFs floating around about his preparation. He had a 3D printed gun, he confirmed that he had a Luty SMG and a slam fire shotgun.

Oh and get this, the freak also had an “achievement chart” made out like he was playing a video game.

Well good job Ubersoldaten, you failed your own achievement list because someone actually locked the door.

The silverlining in this tragedy is that it is unlikely to inspire copycats.

Still R+I+P to the victims.
What a terrible day. Rest in peace!

The perp's been confirmed to be a white supremacist, who for some odd reason blamed the Jews for mass immigration towards Germany. Effing great. Prepare for an uptick in gun control, and more restrictions on free speech.

Personally, the only truly shocking discovery I've made today is that the synagogue didn't have police protection on so high a Jewish holiday. And that although there were two instances of asylum seekers attacking Jews just over this past weekend.
The silverlining in this tragedy is that it is unlikely to inspire copycats.

I wish I could believe that. But the fact is that the media are already plastering every wall with that scumbag's face. They give him the notoriety he'd craved, and there'll be others seeking the same treatment.
So, just felt like putting this here…

'Die Welt', one of the country's most reputable and sober newspapers and one of the very few with no leftist agenda, titles today:

Hass in Halle: Irrer Nazi-Killer scheiterte kläglich an Synagogen-Tür – Hatred in Halle: Crazy Nazi killer failed miserably to open synagogue's door

Almost sounds like they're disappointed the attacker didn't get inside. I can't wrap my head around the indignation with which journalists respond to public criticism of the media's decline of quality.
RIP to the unfortunate victims. I thought every Synagogue has police protection? At least one or two officers..

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