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Photos Armed Forces Of Sweden

Swedish Air Force Historic Flight´s Saab J35J and Sk35 Draken in tight formation doing a roll. Oct 2022
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I love it!! Nothing like the Darth Vader'esk look of the Draken! Thanks for posting..... (Y)
Right now, the Tule exercise is being carried out on Gotland. The purpose of the exercise is to strengthen the Armed Forces' ability to face an armed attack on the island. A total of around 400 people participate in the exercise, where a large part of these are personnel from Gotland's regiment, P 18, as well as from other army units.


With Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the rebuilding of Gotland's regiment, P 18, has been accelerated. The long-term military growth now takes place in the shorter term, where exercise Tule is part of the capability increase on Gotland.
Sweden... Switzerland...
Sounds the same to me also. ???

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